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Photo credit: © 2013 by Janet Beamanclick to enlarge

Photo credit: © 2013 by Janet Beaman
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Dahni & Susan Hayden


Business: Business Services
Occupation: Imagineers
Location: Macedon, NY United States
About Us: My wife Susan and I are FIRST parents, grandparents and lovers and friends of many. We are business owners of several companies. We are both artists and poets. Susan is a retired music teacher, has a beautiful voice and plays gorgeous piano and flute. And she will teach you how to sing and play if you ask her! Maybe one day I will be able to tune your piano, or at least keep ours in top form?
Susan is one of the sweetest and kindest people you will ever meet! She is like your most favorite chair where you can just crawl up into her arms ANYTIME and your world will be safe, warm, comfortable and beautiful! Susan is a ‘crafter’ and sews.
I play piano and guitar, cannot read or write music, but this does not seem to stop me from playing and composing. I write a lot and probably too much and I probably talk too much. It’s not that I need to to see what I write and hear my own voice, it’s just that I get sooooo excited about ‘stuff’ and sharing with others! Susan is this way too, but she is a better listener than me. Susan says she loves me because, I have a huge heart and I make her laugh (most of the time). I say, I’m just a little kid that refuses to grow up.
Susan and I are both perpetual students of life and people. We love to work with children and open-minded adults. We like to entertain and cook, have conversation and we just love people to life!  We love to serve others and help them to become the best that they can be and to enjoy all the best that life has to offer! 🙂
Interests: Making Dreams Come True and Travel (just not the long flights)! 🙂
Favorite Music:  Classical, Rhythm & Blues, Jazz, Classic Rock N’ Roll, Alternative, International music, Gospel, Children’s music, New Country, Opera, Raw Cutting Edge, Easy Listening, Instrumental, Choral works and even some Barbershop Quartet
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