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by Dahni
© 2016 all rights reserved

Punk under blanket at our home 2016

Punk under box at home in Australia

Punk under box at home in Australia

There is a final revolution for all, in this circle of life. And the day comes when it seems that circle no longer turns. But not only does it continue to turn, it never stops turning!

It hurts, when we lose someone we love. It hurts when those we love, lose someone they love. And it hurts, when we meet loves of those we love and lose too, those we come to love as well.

To those that never have had nor may ever have a pet, you may never understand how a pet could ever become one of your family. And they may never understand how their loss could be, as one as any other member of your family. But I suspect, all can understand hurt and its opposite, wholeness and well being. We love in part because, in some measure and in some sense, someone gets under our skin, is absorbed into our bloodstream and goes directly to the heart.

I could have wanted to have written this yesterday 1/22/16. I could have grieved or shared something with those to whom this event first came to know and feel its sting, first. But it was difficult (if not impossible), for me to have done, when I was surrounded by three grandchildren, full of life and joy that were contributing to my wholeness and sense of well being, for most of that day. And now, I am mindful, not of the hurt so much as, remembering, wholeness and well-being!

Such for me was Punk, not my cat, not my care and concern, but a cat I met in Australia, just a few short years ago, that got under my skin.

He was unique in that he only had three legs and it took me an entire whole 24 hours to figure that out, that he only had three! He was unique in that he moved as well as, if not better than, most cats with four legs. He was unique in that he would just make himself at home on your lap or where you slept and right into your heart. He was unique in that I had never before or since, met a cat that loved so much to get underneath the covers! He was unique in that he loved most everyone. He was unique in that his curiosity usually always, resulted in some very imaginative and creative play. It is not always what we’ve not, but how we use what we’ve got that really matters the most!

Having Punk get under my skin the way that he did, surely could not linger because, my time with him at his home in Australia was just a month, How attached to someone could we become, in just a month? After all, he was not my cat; not my care and concern. He was there and I was here.

Then— Punk came to live with us. And he came to get under my skin, again, and into my heart for days and months. Almost daily, we’d talk about some things and often just about nothing that mattered at all. The conversation was mostly non-important, the ‘hanging out together’ was really all that mattered. While most cats love to crawl up and lay upon a blanket on your lap, Punk would crawl up and get underneath that blanket or under the covers of our bed and sleep this way through the night, under the covers, under my skin, into my bloodstream and into my heart.

Punk was a survivor! He survived the loss of one leg and thrived with three. He had a heart condition and he survived that anyway. When he came to live with us, he survived and thrived in a new country, with new people and in a new environment. He survived the many run-ins with our one and only cat, Bella. To her discredit, Bella is a scaredy cat and pretty darn anti-other-cat-social. To Punk’s credit, he usually won all arguments! 🙂

Punk even survived me! 🙂

Punk survived surgery here, for Hodgkin lymphoma. He never complained about all that was done to him, before and after his surgery.

Punk survived to be returned to his immediate family; his ‘first family,’ here, after they came home to NY.

When I first knew that Punk would be coming to live with us for awhile, his human father Jonathan, said to me, “Your’e never going to want to let him go!” My only edit to that statement is, I never will!

Cats are curios creatures, but Punk found such creative ways to enjoy his joy, from the simplest things as a ‘cat pillar,’ a box or a bag.

Punk 'sunny side up' at our home 2016

Punk’s ‘sunny side up’ disposition, at our home 2016. Notice, Punk uses the window for the full effect! 🙂

Yesterday, Punk’s heart gave out, but not before imparting it to many others. Yesterday, Punk left a hole in many hearts when he left this life. I would have loved to have seen him one more time, but he left me some things that I’ll never forget and they remain with me still!

Love is NOT a measurement of how much, how long; how much stronger or deeper one loves over any other. It is something that either gets under your skin or it doesn’t. It survives anything and everything! It enters as a contribution to one’s wholeness and sense of well being, which are opposite of the hurt we experience, throughout our lives. Yes, it comes and gets under our skin, enters the bloodstream and goes straight to the heart. And when we feel its loss and grieve and mourn, we should be mindful that what we got under our skin, that entered our bloodstream and that got into our hearts, still remains! Memories are the token reminders of wholeness and well-being. Thank you Punk, for so entering me and for your ever reminder to—


Punk – Mr. Punkle Pants – January 22, 2016

A sense of wholeness and well-being is, in the bag! :)

A sense of wholeness and well-being is, in the bag! 🙂

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On: On Our Way Home

by Donnie Hayden

© 2014, all rights reserved

Ok, by the time you read this say 10:00 AM eastern standard time (EST), May 1st, 2014, we have already lived through that and will likely have to again, on our way back home. What we gained from going into the future, I guess we lose coming back into the past. But perhaps if we lived a day ahead of our life expectancy then came back, is it a wash? I guess we will just live as long as we’re gonna’ live. But what will ‘jet lag’ be like at home? Well, we’re on our way to finding out.

But, just in case you ask or are curious, which country did we like better, Japan or Australia? Well, the question is like comparing apples to oranges. We not only visited two counties, (4) kids (OK they are adults), two in Japan and two in Australia, but two new grand babies too. There is no comparison. They are all different and WE LOVE THEM ALL!!! 🙂

Japan - "The Land of the Rising Sun" & Australia - "The Land Down Under"

Japan – “The Land of the Rising Sun” & Australia – “The Land Down Under”











'Land of the Rising Sun' - JAPAN

‘Land of the Rising Sun’ – JAPAN

'The Land Down Under' - AUSTRAILA

‘The Land Down Under’ – AUSTRAILA

Blue Mountains in Japan

Blue Mountains in Japan

Blue Mountains in Australia

Blue Mountains in Australia


On Our Way Home!

On Our Way Home!

Luv Yah!! :) Dahni & Susan

Luv Yah!! 🙂
Donnie & Susan

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On: Pretty & Cool

by Donnie Hayden

© 2014, all rights reserved

Pretty & Cool or Pretty Cool Part I

As you are waxing on your Sunday, our is waning in Australia. Soon it will be Monday here. We have only two days left until we leave early Wednesday for our flight to Tokyo, Japan on April 30th. After an overnight night there, we will take a flight to Chicago, IL, U.S.A. on May 1st, fly through yesterday and still arrive on May 1st, catch another plane and be in Rochester, NY around 2:15 PM est, on May 1st. Then it is about a 45 minute drive and we will be home!

This has been an incredible trip to Japan & Australia! There is so much from both countries I still want to share with you.

While still in Australia there was so much more I wanted to share, but the time fails me. I have taken thousands of pictures and many of them are acceptable to my very critical eye. But with the laptop I  have been using, problems with my camera, lack of software and other issues, I have been severely limited.

But there are places we went and things we did that I want to share and will, somehow in the future. Here is just a partial list of content I have not posted yet:

• Belgenny Farm (the birthplace of Australian agriculture)
• Out N’ About Sydney, Australia
• Beautiful sunrises and sunset
• Paddy’s Market (downtown Sydney shopping district
• More about Camden, Australia
• Our ferry boat ride in Darling Harbor, past the Sydney Opera House and underneath Harbor Bridge
• Susan’s & Caitlin’s High Tea
Sea Life Sydney Aquarium
• Taronga Zoo (truly a world class zoo in Sydney. I have so many pictures of animals and we proabably only saw 1/3 of the zoo)
• And so much more!

So, I have loaded over 60 pictures of just what I call in the post, Pretty & Cool or you could also just think of these as pretty cool! 🙂 But these are pictures taken over the month that we have been in Australia. The are pictures of flowers and plants mostly found here. Most of these I do not not know their names are really much about them other than, there are just to me, Pretty & Cool! 🙂

So I will pre-schedule 3 posts for the next three days (including today) and post about 20 or so pictures for each day with some simple captions with descriptions.

If I get an opportunity to post anymore before we get home to The Gathering Place, I may? I will try and continue posting about our trip when we get home ASAP. But, we have much to do when we get home for the month of may and June, but I will do the best that I can, when I can.

Thank You for your patience and understanding.


A neighbor's tree on Little St., Camden, NSW, Australia

A neighbor’s tree on Little St., Camden, NSW, Australia


A rose of many The Rose Cottage, Camden, NSW, Australia


Camden, NSW, Australia


Camden, NSW, Australia


Bottle Brush Tree, Camden, NSW, Australia


Closeup of Bottle Brush Tree, Camden, NSW, Australia


Even after the colors fade, the Bottle Brush Tree is still interesting, Belgenny Farm, Camden Park Estate, Camden, NSW, Australia


Closeup of faded Bottle Brush Tree, Belgenny Farm, Camden Park Estate, Camden, NSW, Australia


Just another ‘Pretty,’ in Camden, NSW, Australia


Gorgeous Rose, Somewhere in Australia


Another ‘Pretty’ Taronga Zoo, Sydney, NSW, Australia


Bird of Paradise, Taronga Zoo, Sydney, NSW, Australia


Interesting hangy-downy-thingies somewhere on an Australian tree 🙂


A pretty lorikeet eating pretty red petals, right outside our living room window on Little Street, Camden, NSW, Australia


Closeup of pretty lorikeet eating pretty red petals, right outside our living room window on Little Street, Camden, NSW, Australia


This cactus at the end of the street, budded shortly after we got here. There must have been over a 100 buds. Only 1-2 blooms


Closeup of bloom and buds


The blooms only bloom once and only two buds blossomed and as of 4/26/14 this is how the cactus now looks


All the buds and 2 blooms disappeared. This little red I saw the morning of 4/26/14

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On: The Blue Mountains

by Donnie Hayden

© 2014, all rights reserved

Guhday Mates, from Dahni your Blue Mountain guide

Guhday Mates, from Donnie The Blue Mountains guide (yours). 🙂

Australian late Fall – April 12th, 2014

Today, we journey into and through the Blue Mountains near Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia. It is an awe inspiring journey into some of the finest, picturesque and photographic adventures, I have ever experienced. But our adventure is for more than just the area’s calling card which is, The Three Sisters Rock formations. For more on the Three Sisters, their lengends, The Three Exploers and etc. from this blog, click The Three Somethings

Our trip begins at Echo Point and The Three Sisters, then we will hike around the mountains and through the forest to Katoomba Falls. The trek is quite rigorous, but I am sixty years old and if I can do it, so can you! My Keene sandals are more than up to the task. Wear warm clothing (long pants, a nice wool shirt and an undershirt, a hat and some sunglasses if you like, but we will be passing through the forest floor of shade and shadows). Grab some water and a camera and prepare yourself to transcend into an incredible state of mind as we ascend the mountains and descend towards the falls. The air is crisp and clear. The sun is full and the clouds are gorgeous. We may even see some bird of prey, soar the thermals above the mountains.

Caution: There will be times that you feel as if you are all alone. You may be able to hear yourself think? You may at times be so at peace within the quiet that the only sound you may hear if you stop moving is, the sound of your own heartbeat. That my friends and companions, is the sound of exuberant joy! 🙂

Glad not alone, for you are not alone. We are all pilgrims here, just passing through. It is a gift to us and to all. The Blue Mountains was made for all to enjoy. For joy, get en (in) to it, all of it and all of your all – en-joy!

Our trip below Echo Point along the mountain side to the falls, will take about 2 hours in and back another way. It is a well made path, but there may be some water from many small mountain streams that may trickle over it sometimes. This will be some good exercise, but well worth it. I do highly recommend this trip to most anyone of fair to good health. Take it slowly if you must, as they say here down under, “No worries!” Catch every breath from every moment that leaves you breathless from such breathtaking views! 🙂

Immerse yourself in this, perhaps a once in a lifetime experience. So, this ends and your vicarious adventure begins with photographs and captions. Enjoy!


The Boomerang Bench at Echo Point

The Boomerang Bench at Echo Point

The Three Sisters at Echo Point

The Three Sisters at Echo Point

Bird of Prey Over The Blue Mountains

Bird of Prey Over The Blue Mountains

Note: The Haze over the mountains from which it derives its name is from the oils released from the thousands of many varieties of eucalyptus trees that cover the mountains.

Another View

Another View

The Sunlit Bluffs

The Sunlit Bluffs

Blues, Greens and Purples

Blues, Greens and Purples

Another View II

Another View II

One of My Favorite Views

One of My Favorite Views

Subdued & Blued

Subdued & Blued

My Favorite View

My Favorite View

At Cliff's Edge

At Cliff’s Edge

The Three Sisters from another point of view

The Three Sisters from another point of view

Moving through the forest

Moving through the forest



Sunlight on The Cliffs II

Sunlight on The Cliffs II

Inside the Living Forest

Inside the Living Forest

The Mysterious Eucalyptus

The Mysterious Eucalyptus

Katoomba Falls

Katoomba Falls

Our journey ends here as close to the falls as we could reach as the lower path was closed. We will just have to return for more views and closer views sometime in the future or in our dreams. My sincerest thanks for allowing me to be with you in this place of beauty. You are beautiful and Donnie Luvs Yah!




All Photography by Dahni
© 2014 by Dahni & I-Magine, all rights reserved
any photos you would like either as enlarged  prints  to purchase or to share for FREE, by purchase or permission ONLY
contact me for more information:
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On: Above the Clouds

Above the clouds,

to the Land of the Lotus

and the Rising Sun,

I am almost there.

'Almost There' by Dahni © 2014, all rights reserved

‘Above the Clouds’ by Dahni © 2014, all rights reserved

“good morning”
“good afternoon”
“good evening”
さようなら Sayōnara "goodbye"  ではまた。Dewa mata"see you later"

さようなら Sayōnara “goodbye”           ではまた Dewa mata”see you later”

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On: Aren’t You Glad…

by Donnie Hayden © 2014, all rights reserved

…Yeh, aren’t you glad that Instead of this, right now here…


…and working on taxes, you could be here…

…and even if it was snowing I could be heading to this…

…and even if it was snowing you could be heading to this…


… an onsen (hot springs) at the …


…ryokan (Japanese Inn) and…


…enjoying this or…

…maybe even the first cherry festival in Japan.

…maybe even the first cherry festival in Japan!

The Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival 河津桜祭り, (Kawazuzakura Matsuri) is held yearly from early February to early March in the city of Kawazu, located on the Izu Peninsula. The popular event celebrates the flowering of the Kawazu Cherry Trees (Kawazuzakura) and attracts almost two million visitors annually as one of the earliest opportunities in the year to see large numbers of cherry blossoms near Tokyo Japan.

Yes, ‘Aren’t You Glad’ you are there instead of here!!

Hi Honey and everyone else! See you soon! 🙂

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On: Missing

by Donnie Hayden © 2014, all rights reserved

Surely by now, the planes have landed?

The planes have landed, as scheduled and on time.

Have not heard a word from you! Not a single word, a message, note, picture, NOTHING!

I should not be so anxious. I’m not anxious, am I?

Should not worry. I am not a worrier. Am I worrying?

Be patient. It’s still early or is it?

It’s day here and night there. I’m not sure if it is day or night here?

Isn’t it obvious that something is…



What could possibly be missing? Everything is as right as rain here!? Except for the fact it’s snow-blowing!

I’m sure you are fine and having a great time.

Anyway, I’m writing here about allergies, the cat’s and mine.

Distracted, not sleeping well, not eating well. Pacing the floor, whining and pining, poor little cat!

Bella at the window

Bella at the window

OK, so what I wrote above, the same goes for me, but it must be, because of my allergies that I probably get from Bella? And my eyes are all watery and leaky too!

Must be my allergies?

Must be an allergic reaction?

Sorry about messing up the note you left. It is your note right? Surely I did not write it. Did I?

It’s quiet here. So quiet, I can’t even hear myself think. I’m not even talking to myselves (me, myself and i). Don’t ask, we had a disagreement, but we are fine. We’ll be fine.

It’s cold here. Can’t get warm. Temps are UP on the furnace. Fireplace is blazing. Wind is howling. Two pair of socks. Double shirted. Covered in blankets. Nothing helps!

It's Frrrrrrrreezing Here!

It’s Frr, Frr, Frrrrrrreezing Here!

Took a hot bath, had some wine and stared at the picture on the wall. But as I looked at this…

...what I looked at

…picture on the wall…

what I saw

…this what I saw!

Must have been the steam, my allergy-related eye-wetness, the wine or all of these together that made my vision all askew? Rinsed off in the shower and yes, I did squeegee the shower door, just like I’m supposed to do, sort of.


I did squeegee the shower door, sort of!

Real men don’t eat quiche. It was pretty tasty. I did not know it was quiche until after. Maybe it was a pot pie?

Real men don’t cry. I’m not crying! My eyes are leaking that’s all!! 

Sometimes you just don’t know HOW MUCH you miss someone until,…

…someone is missing!

…someone is missing!

P.S. Not lonely, just looking for that first drop of wetness shed. The Dermatologist needs THAT ONE, as it contains more allergens than the rest, so he can analyze it to determine if I’m allergic to our cat or if it’s something else? But it’s in this ocean of my own making, along with all the rest of my allergic-drops. Please help me find it, before I drown! Do you possibly, think it possible that I may possibly be, allergic to, missing you????

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