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On: The Far Reach of Being Good At What You Do

The obvious thing here of being good at what you do, probably means that you are gainfully employed or you enjoy some degree of success if, you are working for yourself. I am sorry if you are able to work and choose not to, but rather suck off the breast of others. That is neither gainful employment nor any measure of success! And WE the People are NOT the UN-willing’s personal wet-nurse!

I am of course NOT, referring to those that for whatever reasons are unable to help themselves and need the help of others. But with very few exceptions, this should ONLY be temporary. I have a friend that is quadriplegic (cannot use her legs or her arms), but she has supported herself financially for many years and quite comfortably, I might add. You might wonder how this is possible? She is a systems analyst (is very smart) and she uses a stick gripped in her mouth to key in data to a computer. Believe it or not, not only is she good at what she does, but she is fast too!

For the rest of us so-called able-bodied folk, what are we good at? What are you good at? What am I good at? Are you employed doing these things or do you have your own business? If not, why not? Perhaps your very best skills are NOT, the ones that are presently producing paychecks or profits for you? The main difference between paychecks and profits is that a paycheck is primarily coming from the work that you did in the past and profits are from work that you and other people, perhaps your money and maybe other people’s money, have produced in the past. But there is one thing missing from both the paychecks and the profits. This is called residual income. Residual income is based on past actions, but it pays in the present and in the future. Paying into the future is, ‘The Far Reach of Being Good At What You do!’

Insurance agents receive residual income, even after they have retired. Every time someone renews the policy that the agent sold them, the agent gets paid again and again. This is, residual income. If you wrote a book, you most likely received a lump sum for your work. And some percentage in the form of a royalty pays you in the future, every time someone purchases your book. An artist may make prints from their original work. Every time someone purchases a print, this is another, example of residual income. It is my understanding that the popular song ‘Happy Birthday to You’ is, copyrighted (at least until 2030). Every time it is performed in public for profit, those performing it are, legally required to pay a royalty. This is yet another example of, residual income. Well, perhaps we are not good at or interested in insure-ing, writing, art-ing or music-ing, but we all should be interested in residual income! Like most of us, even doctors and lawyers (for the most part), do not receive residual income. Well then, the question that remains is, how then would you or I go about getting in on the receiving end of, residual income? I’ll leave this discussion for another time. But for right now, I just want us to consider the possibility of getting paid in the present and in the future, over and over again, for what we have done in the past. This too, is being good at, VERY GOOD AT what we do. And this is, The Far Reach of Being Good At What We Do!

I’ll close this with a simple illustration. We have a next door neighbor that works for the Parks and Recreation Department. He uses power tools and mowers and other landscaping equipment to perform his work. The fact that he goes to work day in and day out (except during the winter) and year after year, proves that he is good at what he does. Besides operating the equipment, he also has to maintain it; keep it running smoothly and efficiently. Years and years of experience have made him good at doing these things too. Well, what is the far reach of him being good at what he does?

Last summer, our neighbor came over while I was mowing our lawn. I turned off the mower to be polite and so I could hear whatever it was that he came over to say.

“Your mower’s not running right. I can fix it if you like?”


Just a couple of weeks ago, I was outside in the cold, running our gas powered snow blower. My neighbor came over. I turned off the snow blower to be polite and so that I could hear whatever he came to say.

“Your snow blower’s not running right. I can fix it if you like?”

You have got to be kidding me? In both of the above situations, our neighbor could tell by just the sound of the engines that they were not running correctly. Now that’s an example of being good at what you do! But more importantly, it also perfectly illustrates, ‘The Far Reach of Being Good At What You Do! His work in the past not only helped him in the past and helps him in the present, it helped us and perhaps my sharing it here will help you? Do you see how this can just keep going on and on? Our neighbor did not ask to be paid (but we paid him). He just loves what he does!

What are you good at? How can this become-

The Far Reach of Being Good At What You Do?

And Everything You Need Will Just BE THERE!

And Everything You Need
Will Just BE THERE, in the present, in the Future and it will benefit others as well!

Selah (Hebrew): “Consider these Words”

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Our Card


Our Card

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Dear Family, Friends and Friends we have not met yet,

To those of you you that know Susan and I already, we wanted you to hear this from us first and not somehow find out about it, years later and maybe wonder WHY, we never told you or offered to help You!

Susan and I now have five grandchildren and four sons near and far and two are right now, in two other countries. At this time in our lives, we are thinking about building a legacy, particularly for the kids. We wanted not just to leave them a lump sum, but something that will continue to build for them and their future families and on, year after year.

Along the way, we want to continue to expand ‘The Gathering Place,’ our home, and make it better for all that may come here.

OK, so you now know our WHY, but what does this mean to you? That’s a great question! The answer follows.

Just this last Christmas, with very, very few exceptions, Susan shopped online for everything! This is becoming the norm’ everywhere today. Most of us are connected with multiple devices and on social networks. The weird weather we all seem to be having this winter makes it difficult or undesirable to shop at the brick and mortar stores. Besides that, most of us have little time to shop. Many of us are not particularly fond of shopping and especially when we get there and the store does not have what we are looking for. I do not know about you, but I don’t like waiting in long lines and dealing with stupid, rude, impatient and obnoxious people. What if there was a better way? THERE IS!

Just I-Magine  not only SAVING money, but getting PAID to shop for the the things you are going to purchase anyway. Just I-Magine that not only would you be helping yourself, Susan and I, our children and grandchildren, but many others too! Well, this is exactly what it is and what it can do for you! What’s the catch? NONE!!

So this is all you need to do and all Susan and I are asking you for –  just click on the following link or scan the colored design (the QR code Quick Response code) with your smartphone. Both of these actions will take you to our shopping mall – Dahni’s & Susan’s Mall. Once you are in the Mall, have fun! Look around, just browse or shop from the comfort of your favorite chair in your own home. Use our mall to order for pickup at many of your favorite stores. Just I-Magine walking into a crowded store where the lines are full. Your order has been paid for, pulled, ready and is waiting for you. On your way out, turn around and look at all the faces in those long lines, staring at you! Or, have your orders all shipped directly to your home or business with many things qualifying for FREE shipping. We even offer you many exclusive items that you cannot get anywhere else.

Think of Susan and I as your personal concierges, because we are your personal consultants. We are available to help you, any way that we can. If you cannot find what you are looking for or if you have ANY questions, when you get to your mall just look for my name, Dahni Hayden. Either Susan or I or both of us will help you. That’s it!

We will not bug you or beg you to do anything! You do not have to purchase anything! But do not say we did not tell you what we are doing, WHY we’re doing it and what it could mean to you! It’s up to you to click or scan below. It’s up to you if you ever save money or get paid to buy anything from us! If you have any questions, it’s up to you to get them answered to your satisfaction!

But if you are going to shop anyway, why not save time, get paid to shop, have a personal shopper (or two), help yourself, help us and help others while you shop? Oh, and when your friends and family sign up as customers and list you as the referral, we’ll pay you on their qualified purchases! This all seems like a ‘no-brain-er’ to us! It’s all too good, not to be true!

In the simplest terms this is, what it is:

“We are like a huge product brokerage company. We pool our buying power and buy online through a system that we own. We get discounts on products that we normally buy anyway and commissions on the backside and we all share those commissions with other people,  just like you. Why not you?”

Let’s gather together at Your mall!

Happy Saving-Making-Money-Shopping,

Donnie & Susan Hayden



just scan the QR code Arrow_clr

or click the following link:


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Wealth Builder Tip:

by Donnie Hayden © 2014, all rights reserved


If I talk at you, you will not listen.

If you talk to me, I will not be all ears.

But if we talk with each other, we both will hear

and each of us will be richer at our parting

than we were at our meeting.


Easily digested and assimilated. Order yours today!

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Come On In


Yes, we’re open, 24-7 and 365 days a year + leap year. Come on in! It’s your place, wherever You are!  It’s like a a B & B (Bed and Breakfast), only it’s not by reservation, but by INVITATION and it’s not a business, it’s our home. Think of it as Your place, where you can B & B & B (Be Yourself, Be Blessed and Become Better!!)  🙂


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