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Today, there are many social media sites and applications for our smart phones, maybe hundreds? But some of the most popular sites (with corresponding apps for our smart phones) are: Twitter, FaceBook, Google+, Pinterest, Quora (for Questions and answers), YouTube, LinkedIn and Tumbler (at least this one is popular with many young people).

We use these sites and applications primarily because, we want to connect to family, friends, associates and others we would like to be connected with. How many of us use just one of these? How many of these do we use, two or more? Well, even just one requires some investment of our time. Add other sites and apps and we add or multiply our investment of time. Would it be beneficial to us if we could SAVE TIME?

Taking a clue from Twitter, the following is an introduction to Social Media Basics, on navigating through all this ‘stuff’ as expediently, effortlessly and efficiently as possible. Twitter was based on the exchange of quick communication by allowing, only 140 characters per ‘Tweet.’ If we did the same thing with all the rest, we could certainly SAVE TIME!

Oh, before this begins, I should point out a few things about Tumbler. Young people like Tumbler for two primary reasons. For one, they believe it is about as secure as anything can be online. Tumbler allows its users to be basically, anonymous. Be honest, had you ever heard of Tumbler or knew anything about it until now? Pretty effective at being unknown yes? That’s why young people like it. In fact, it is the most popular platform for those under the age of 25. And there are several well-knowns that use it like, Lady Gaga. It was the first platform to publish the blog of President Obama.

Tumbler supports animated .gifs. when other sites like FaceBook do not. Also, gifs are far easier to view on mobile devices than video. Ten seconds of reaction shot — or a PEE act — make a big difference in expressive power!  Sounds pornographic no? Yes, Tumbler has it and they will not release exactly how much. Tumbler is kind of anti-blog. Users are not looking to spend a lot of time developing content or looking for an audience. Whereas our use of other social media platforms are to find each other, Tumbler users don’t want to be known so much or found. They just want to connect with their real friends and their real friends know who they are.

On FaceBook, we may find that our parents, other family, friends and associates are all connected. Maybe we have a son named Jack and a Daughter named Jill? Just as long as they check in once in awhile, everything seems OK. Jill, for example, might post a picture of herself studying with the text that simply reads: ‘Studying.” While everyone else is chatting among themselves as if Jill is still participating (listening), Jill could open another tab on her browser and log onto Tumbler as: Alice or say, ‘Love Princess.’ On Tumbler, son Jack might be known only to his friends as Fred or maybe as, ‘Stud of Studs.’ Anonymity, OMG YES (except to their real friends)! That’s how they like it! 

So, if you are a parent or a caregiver, know where you kids are, where they connect, with whom they connect and what they are sharing! And also know that they understand how to be in two places at the same time! If they are logged onto Facebook, you’ll know. You can mention their name or send them a message and they will most likely respond. But what you cannot know, see and hear is, what you can’t know, see and hear!


(somewhat based on 140 characters)

Social Media Basics

Social Media Basics

For more information, you can always check the several search engines or just Google: PEE.

If you are well informed and you would like to help others, you can publish content to the popular online reference such as: Wiki-PEE-dia.  🙂

If you are interested in sharing your original content with the world or your world (whatever size of an audience it might be), you might try blogging, a.k.a., weblogs or just call them, online journals. A working title might be:

My Journey of a 10 Million Pees, Begins with a Single Drop

by I.P. Freely


Outback Footprints to the Outhouse

by Willy Makeit

with illustrations by Betty Dont

If you desire even more, nearly-instant-connections, there is always ‘the video chat’ online or by way of smart phones. There are such apps as: Line, Google Chat, Skype, FaceTime and others. These will allow one or more to share a visual pee with others, in digital-time.

Then again, there is this last possibility. Do you know what? I have never, ever found a bathroom that did not have a door! 🙂

Please do not misunderstand me. I like social media. I use social media. I’m all about freedom of expression and freedom of speech. We all should pee freely! 🙂

But those doors on the bathrooms are there for two reasons:

1. Some things are meant to be private and should remain private. I don’t want to watch you pee and I don’t want you watching me either!

2. Bathroom doors lead to something personal and satisfying. No technology or no amount of ‘on-line,’ can match the personal satisfaction of real-time! Ahhhhhhhh! 🙂

[1] Based on: ‘A Concise and Almost 140 Character Primer on Social Media Tools’ – © 2010 to 2012 R. Wang & Insider Associates, LLC. All rights reserved.




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Social Media icons

Google +, YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumbler, all my other social media peeps and my blogs,

Ordinarily, you are my first go-to to check with, for everything relevant and important to my life. Yes, you are often first on my list when I wake (even while waiting for my first cup of coffee). And you are many times the last on my mind when I go to bed.  But I have decided to do something NEW, IMPROVED and DIFFERENT!

Instead of finding out from you first or telling you first, I’m going to concentrate on the old-school methods of communication. I’m going to pick up the phone and call my family and friends that live too far to visit. Instead of calling people too close to call, I’ll actually go see them. And instead of sending an email, text message or some social media message to my wife Susan that is in the room right next door to me, I’m going to actually walk over there and tell her I love her first, before everyone else finds out about it. We can like social media, our gadgets and technology, but they are all really just things. Things are made to be used, but people are made to be loved.

Luv Yah,


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