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Christmas Spirits

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Christmas Spirits

By Dahni
© 2020, all rights reserved


Once upon time and only once a year
Mysterious; quite strange, it will appear
Buildings and skyscrapers will move and give space
As if by magic, but to most, an invisible place
But some unseen force, draws them and they come and came
And an old gaslight lantern, illuminates the name

‘Old Fezziwig’s Christmas Spirits & Cheer’
Festive to the restless, in the dark and the drear

Old Fezziwig’s

No ghosts of future, present or past to one’s birth
Just The Wise Guy that serves the mirth
Lively libations and custom made cheer
For what ails yah’ and what casts out every fear

And they came and come, the lost and alone in profusion
The tossed whose drinks were sore woes and confusion
Some, with shorts too tight that pinches
The grumpys’ the scrooges and grinches

Music and dancing
Clinking and prancing
And conversations
Libations and custom-made cheer
And all are welcome here

Up to the bar they sit sat and wait and waited
With dim slims of hope, to be sated

Old Fezziwig

No demands or judgement, just a voice
Just the asking each, to make a choice
Frozen hearts like glaciers and icebergs calve
“How may I serve you, what will you have?”

And often the reply is just a request,
“My dear sir, what would you suggest?”
“What would you recommend, most affective?”
And he said, “That all depends on your

“I could fill your glass half empty or I could fill it half full
Only you can decide, the push or the pull
I can pour all that glows and glitters
I just don’t and won’t pour the bitters

I can fizzle and I can dazzle
I can drizzle, but never frazzle
No down memory lane or ‘Auld Lang Syne’
Just spirits and drinks of cheer and life’s “fruit of the vine”

“I can pour you something that would make you want to be warm and in the pink
I can make your want to smile, but I just can’t make you think”

“But to tell you the truth, all these suggestions are, to try and get you to think
Because I only, only, just make one, special drink”

“It’s ‘The Golden Heart’, neither solid nor broken

‘Gold Heart’

Just edges, no center and just a token
You decide and with one swig or swallow
Your heart will be open or it will be hollow”

And drink they all up and down the hatch
And in an instant, like striking a match
The scene is quickly gone to—disappear
And all to wonder, were they really here?

This was no dream, but a lesson of life
An open heart is fraught, full and rife
A solid heart can be dented, damaged, frozen and broken apart
But flowing out and flowing in that’s…

…an open heart

Note: “Old Fezziwig” was a fictional character ‘in ‘A Christmas Carol’, by Charles Dickens

From the collection: The Uncollected Collection’ by the same author


Old Fezziwig’s Gold Heart


(‘Old Fezziwig’s Gold heart’)

Note: four letter name change (Fezz), suggested by sister Carol Lee

Libatious’ #130 

bonus drinks beyond 100

By Dahnini or Dahnitini
Spirits Alchemist
Bon Devant

Rim martini glasses  🍸🍸 with lemon 🍋 and  use a paint brush and brush on a little little edible gold dust

4 jiggers vodka
2 jiggers of orange liqueur  🍊
juice of 1 fresh lemon 🍋
½ jigger of honey 🍯 and finely chopped crystallized ginger pieces
2 egg whites

Combine all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker and dry-shake (no ice).
Add ice 🧊 and shake again in Hand Shaker until well chilled

“Shaken not stirred!” -007, Bond, James Bond- 😀

Strain into chilled martini 🍸 🍸 glasses
Shake edible gold dust into the center of your ‘Fez’

Makes two lovely libations. One to share and one for you. 😀

ENJOY! 😉 Drink your ‘FEZ’ (Old Fezziwig’s Gold Heart 💛), responsibly! 😂

By Dahni & I-Magine
©️ 2020, all rights reserved

From my Work in Progress: ‘The Gathering Place Cook Book’, under the category of: beverages, ‘Sips with Susan’

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Let’s Talk About Strong Coffee

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Let’s Talk about Strong Coffee

By Dahni
© 2020, all rights reserved


   Do you like coffee or do you prefer tea? Do you like strong coffee or tea? Whichever one you like and how you like it, both share some things in common. But here, this is primarily about coffee and particularly, “strong coffee”. 

Note: After further review on this post, I decided to insert this about “strong” coffee. I probably should have begun with this. The ‘grind’ of coffee may well be the first to consider whether the coffee is strong or not. Most grinders have settings from coarse to fine. My personal preference is 1-2 notches from medium towards the fine grind side. Fine grind is what I use for espresso. I mention this because, recently I tried out a new method of cleaning my grinder of debris, oils and to sharpen the blades. This I did with about a cup of whole grain, uncooked white rice. It works beautifully and there are no need for chemicals. But I forgot to reset my grinder,  back to medium. This resulted in “stronger” coffee than I like. I figured this out after about 4 pots of coffee. 😂 It’s all good now! 👍

   We all like what we like. Our likes may be conditional on howe we were brought up or what we are used to. I’m not about to try and dissuade anyone from liking what they like. But in addition to our preferences, our personal choices for liking what we like, there are reasons. Once you understand those reasons, I’m just trying to get you to consider alternatives. Maybe there is a better way, a more enjoyable way to like what we like and how we like it.

   What do the words “strong coffee” mean?  Perhaps other adjectives could be bold, an eye-opener, to put hair on your chest, Wake-The-F up, black coffee or just dark? Maybe strong coffee is a super-charged highly caffeinated beverage? Then again, it could be strong and have a lot of caffeine in it. But why?

   Coffee or tea all begins with the bean or the leaf.


   It all starts with the beans or the tea leaves. It’s in the beans. What is? Acid.

   Yes, by their very nature, some coffee beans or tea leaves are more acidic than others. As a general rule, the higher the altitude the coffee plants grow, the more acidic the coffee beans are. Some may attribute the more acidic the coffee is, the “stronger” it is, where others must add or add more cream and/or sugar to balance out the the acid in the coffee and hopefully, prevent stomach upset and discomfort.

   It all starts with the beans or the tea leaves. It’s in the beans. What is?

   Caffeine. Yes, by their very nature, some coffee beans or tea leaves contain more caffeine (the jolt, the buzz), the stimulant, most people expect from their morning wake-up, afternoon pick-up or their anytime stay-up. But here is a fact about coffee roasting. Beginning with the green bean there, is where most of the caffeine resides. Yes, caffeine is in the beans. The longer the beans are roasted, the more the caffeine is released.

The lighter the roast, the more caffeine remains!

   What is the most popular roast today? Dark roast. Remember this, the darker the roast, the more the sugars (the caramels), are roasted as well. “Burnt Caramel” is an actual marketing term, attempting to make burnt sugar appealing. The key word to this term is “burnt” like charcoal and it is perceived as “strong” coffee. Remember also, the longer the roast, the less caffeine there will be in the beans. Oh, there are degrees of “burnt” or a point when roasting exceeds dark-roast and the beans are actually or really “burnt” and useless. Not only have the sugars been burnt, but the whole bean has as well. To be clear, dark roasted coffee is truly only acceptable, for espresso, not regular coffee! 

   When the tea leaves are dried or the coffee is roasted, hot water is added to extract the properties of the bean or the leaves. The longer the beans sits on a burner after brewing or the longer the tea leaves steep, the “stronger” will be the result. 


   Beginning with the green bean, each roast from  light, to medium and dark, will bring out stronger flavors in the coffee. There is sugar in coffee. The longer you roast, these sugars (caramel), appear as oil. The longer you roast, the more oil appears on the beans.

   There are two kinds of coffee beans, Arabica and Robusta. Arabica beans are generally grown at higher altitude (often more caffeine and more acidic), are more fragile and generally cost more to produce and sell at a higher price than Robusta. Robusta beans are generally grown at lower altitudes, contain less caffeine, less acid, are a heartier bean and cost less. Much of the world’s supply of Robusta beans, often come from Vietnam. To control an end result and reduce costs, many coffee roasters blend Arabica and Robusta beans together. This is often done on purpose to produce what we may know of as: “signature blends”, “specialty blends” or “house blends”. Blends are primarily made for the following reasons:

   1. To make a consistent and quality controlled product (what we come to expect from our favorite brands)
   2. Reduce the costs while maintaining profit margins
   3. To mask or hide undesirable properties from roasting/tasting i.e. bitterness

  Remember, the longer the beans are roasted the less caffeine remains!

Percolator Coffee Pot

   When I was growing up, this was a familiar coffee pot. It was a percolator. You fill the pot with water, add coffee to the basket on top that sat upon a long thin hollow stem, which rested on the bottom, placed the lid on top of the basket, covered the pot with its glass topped lid and sat this on a burner of your stove. Then, as the water heated, it came up the stem, made that nice “perking” sound and you would see the water change from clear to brown at the glass top, as it was filtered through the basket containing the coffee. When finished, it stopped “perking”, coffee was ready and you would pour your morning or anytime brew into your favorite cup or mug. Later, an electric percolator became available.

   There were markings on the pot for ‘fill levels’, for how much water to add at the beginning. There were (are— percolators still available), “line levels” on the brew basket, for how much coffee to add. How much coffee was needed? For a long time, the two most popular coffee brands were Folders and Maxwell House. On the back of their sealed cans (sealed with nitrogen to preserve freshness), was the ratio of coffee to water.

L to R – Folders and Maxwell House brands of coffee

   Both brands used a ratio of one (1) tablespoon (Tbsp), of coffee for every six (6) ounces of water. And this makes one cup of coffee? I thought 1 cup is equal to 8 ounces? It is. So how did a cup of coffee come to mean 6 ounces? This is because, an average teacup holds about six ounces of liquid. Most people had teacups, which they also used as their coffee cups.

Bunn ‘Drip Coffee Maker’ Home use about 1970’s

   In 1957, Bunn released the ‘drip coffee maker’. It was used commercially. Restaurants had them, diners and such. It’s appeal was the water was pre-heated to a certain temperature and replaced each time you made a pot of coffee with fresh cold water. The pre-heated water would be activated by pouring in the cold water and the cold water later heated. The hot water would pour through a tip with pre-designed holes and at a certain speed, over the ground coffee in a paper filter or a stainless steel filter in the brew basket. To repeat, you discarded the grinds and filter  or sicarded the grinds from the stainless still filter and rinsed it. Then you add another paper filter or clean stainless steel filter, more coffee and another container of cold water. This process was very quick and efficient (about 2 minutes from the start of the brewing cycle until it ended). Most of these Bunn ‘drip coffee makers’ were one unit, but could accommodate making two, 12 cup pots of coffee each, at the same time. Depending on use and needs, some locations had more than one unit. 

   In 1971,  Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, and Gordon Bowker at Seattle’s Pike Place (Seattle, Washington), founded what we know today as ‘Starbucks’. They started selling coffee by the pound, roasted by ‘Peet’s Coffee’ and sold this to the public at their one location in Seattle. They introduced their coffee by giving away ‘Free’ cups to sell their coffee by the pound, at first ground then later as whole beans. They expanded locally and then during the 1980s, they sold the company to Howard Schultz who – after a business trip to Milan, Italy – decided to make the coffee bean store a coffeeshop, serving espresso-based drinks. More people wanted more than just espresso (dark roasted beans), and ‘sweets N eats’ to go along with their coffee. But espresso or not, their coffee was and still is, dark roasted.

   In 1975, ‘Mr. Coffee’ was first to release their version of a ‘Home’ ‘drip coffee maker’ to the public. Bunn and other brands later released their versions. This was still years away from the entering in of Starbucks.

   Home espresso, latte and cappuccino machines were still expensive and not quite in vogue yet.

   But somewhere along the way, people started to want their coffee as fresh as possible. They started to op for whole beans and to grind their own as needed. If you think about canned coffee, the coffee in it could have been roasted or baked (yes baked on conveyor fed ovens), months before you bought the can at the store. To preserve its freshness, the cans were sealed with nitrogen, displacing the oxygen. When you first opened the can, the coffee smelled fresh and then it was all downhill (degrading in freshness), as the nitrogen was displaced with oxygen. 

   All coffee after roasting (allowing the roasted beans to rest, to displace off gases, for a period of 24-48 hours before grinding and roasting), peaks and falls in about 7-10 days from the time it was first roasted. Although grinding your own coffee beans does indeed result in fresher tasting coffee, ALL coffee should be ground, brewed and consumed, within 7-10 days from when it was first roasted.  

   When Starbucks locations spread throughout the united States, they also spread to other parts of the world. Today, many recognize them as the leader, for amounts of coffee by the cup, sold retail. Since their beginning, they have continued to do several things:

   1. They dark roast their coffee (to achieve a certain taste profile and quality control)
   2. They advertise as using only Arabica beans (more acidic, higher altitude grown and more caffeine), and not using Robusta or blends.

   Starbucks is known as the highest caffeinated beverage in the retail world of coffee. Remember, the longer the beans are roasted, the less caffeine is in the final product. To make their beverages more caffeinated than others, they do one more thing. Remember the ratio of coffee to water that has been used for many years before, Starbucks? It was 1 tablespoon of coffee for every 6 ounces of water. What does Starbucks do? Their secret is:

2 Tablespoons of coffee to every 6 ounces of water

Scarchucks and now, most other roasters; coffee shops copy the leader

   So, they use twice as much coffee as most have been used to for many years, to achieve that jolt, the buzz and the wake-up juice! And on top of that, there are those that want an extra shot or 2 of espresso (about 1.5 ounces each), to be added to their already dark-roasted diluted espresso coffee. To each their own, but for many people, this is a recipe for over-roasted, burnt caramel, highly acidic, and overly caffeinated something, that may be “strong”, upset  stomachs and give the “jitters” to the uninitiated”, the novices, the uniformed, the non-real-men or non-real-women; the babies that don’t have a cast iron stomachs, but this aint’ coffee!!!! Call it it charred, over-roasted, maybe double caffeinated, diluted espresso with a couple of undiluted shots of espresso thrown in, but it’s still not coffee. But hey, if you like this, you like what you like and know why you like it and call it something else besides coffee because it’s not.

   If you want to drink real coffee, try a like roast as it retains all its flavor profiles and most of its caffeine, it will likely be like drinking tea, but it’s coffee. For myself and most coffee snobs and connoisseurs, medium roast it the best and sometimes, depending on the variety, medium-dark, but never, ever dark roasted unless, you are roasting espresso. 

   Unfortunately, in following the the leader, most roasters and coffee shops follow the same recipe as what I call Scarchucks does. And well, twice as much coffee per 6 ounce cup sells more coffee and that’s good for business!

   In many taste tests, even Dunkin Donuts which is medium roasted coffee, is preferred over Scarchucks and all the others that over-roast their coffees. To be fair, Dunkin Donuts now offers a dark roast. Again, the longer it roasts, the less caffeine is going to be left. But their regular medium roast coffee, right on the bag says:

“One heaping tablespoon per six ounces of water”

Dunkin Donuts

   I suppose if you really need more caffeine, for either the medium roast and especially their dark roast, just add more coffee per 6 ounce cup of water.

   For consistency and price, I used to to drink regular medium roast Dunkin Donuts coffee (whole beans), most of the time. Occasionally, I would purchase other single origin coffees (mostly organic), at a higher price than Dunkin Donuts from local roasters because, we here at ‘The Gathering Place’, like variety.

   Then, I began to roast my own coffee at home. It is very simple. It takes me about one hour to roast two different coffees medium roast from start to finish (including clean-up). I enjoy this. I can control my roast. It costs me about half as much as I used to pay. I don’t include my labor because, it’s not work (labor), unless you want to call it a “labor of love”. It’s just fun to me. Two pounds a coffee will last us for a week (we or I, drink a lot of coffee pretty much 24/7). My wife, usually only consumes around two cups per day and only in the morning. We alternate. We go back and forth from one roasted coffee to the other (we like variety). The following week, it will likely be two different single origin (mostly organic), coffees. Variety gives our taste buds something to look forward to and are greatly enhanced when we do return to our favorite or favorites. Using different varieties and origins, is like having insurance against some political upheaval or civil unrest in some country where your coffee comes from. WOW, I can’t imagine not being able to get my coffee if, I was stuck on one kind and it suddenly was not available!

   Besides the cost savings, no one (no local roaster), can compete with me for freshness, unless I know that the day I picked it up was the first day they made it available to purchase after roasting, 24-48 hours earlier. I cannot say it is! It could have been siting in a bin (non-vacuumed container; not sealing out the oxygen), for over a week or longer. We drink our home roasted coffee in 7 days, 1-2 days after roasting, week after week!

   I concede that I am neither a professional roaster or an expert at roasting coffee, but I roast to my satisfaction and there are generally, no complaints. I had a few 1/2 pounds sent as gifts. It was a Peruvian coffee because, that’s what they liked at the time. Mine was medium-roasted and their usual brand was likely, dark-roasted. To be honest, I did not like this particular variety of Peruvian coffee, switched to another and have had no additional complaints coming from me, my wife or any others that have had it here. 

   I do not roast as expertly as other local roasters with professional roasting equipment. All I use (believe it or not), is a old-time, hand-cranked lidded popcorn popper, over an open flame or a cast-iron skillet over an open flame, stirring and turning the beans with a wood spoon. By “open flame” I mean, outside on my propane tank, gas flame barbecue grill— spring, summer, fall and winter. But like I said afore, I roast to my satisfaction and as a former chef with a sensitive nose and a trained palate, I have no problem serving my coffee to anyone!

   As it happens, this is about one year ago when my brother and his wife visited us for two weeks. My brother is a fan of that other place, that world retail coffee shop. Our coffee pot holds 10 cups full. I always add only enough water for 8 cups. One scoop of coffee is equal to 2 tablespoons. I usually add four scoops which is 1 tablespoon of coffee, per 6 ounces of water. For my brother, I added an extra scoop of coffee (for a total of 10 tablespoons). For his normal brand of dark-roasted coffee, they would have used 8 scoops for 8 cups of coffee (6 ounces of water per cup). I refused to do that. Maybe six, but certainly not 8. I started with 5 scoops of my medium-roast coffee and he drank this for two whole weeks. There were no complaints. It was “stronger” coffee than my wife and I usually drink. By “stronger” I mean it had more caffeine in it, but we could still tolerate it. My wife however, instead of her normal 2 cups in the morning, only drank one. 

   Well, now almost two weeks ago, I tripped, skipped and skated on an unseen little tricycle left in the wrong place by one of our grandsons and took a hard fall on both knees, ripped my left toenail (even though I had on shoes and socks), and landed on my left shoulder, HARD! I’m doing better every day, but slowly and I am grateful that nothing was broken or torn. I have tendinitis and the soreness, tenderness and loss of strength in my left arm has made it impossible to roast coffee, for about two weeks. So, I had to get some coffee from a familiar local roaster. I chose two kinds, Bolivian and Papua New Guinea, hoping this would get us through until I could roast again.

   I brought these home, opened the bags and poured the beans into two separate vacuum-sealed containers to preserve their freshness. It was then that I noticed that they did smell great and were familiar, but each were dark-roasted (almost black), and covered with oil. I brewed some of one kind and the next time, the other. I used our regular 4 scoops (8 tablespoons or 1 tablespoon per 6 ounces of coffee). Both are “strong” to both my wife and I. After maybe two days of this, my stomach could not handle either, any more. Then it was back to Dunkin Donuts, to get their coffee, that I can drink! Hopefully, I will be able to roast my own again, real soon. As the adage goes, “you don’t realize how much you miss something, until it’s gone!”

   No matter what your “thing” is (acidic, dark and a lot of caffeine), I highly recommend learning to roast your own coffee! But you should know that what you may think is “strong” coffee is “strong” because, it is what you have likely been taught to expect:

dark-roasted (burnt caramel, charred, charcoal-like tasting), highly acidic, heavily caffeinated and even though much of the caffeine is actually removed the longer it is roasted and to compensate for this, overly caffeinated by using twice as much coffee

   Call this what you like, I call this scarchucks and it aint’ coffee!! Maybe, maybe, its suitable for espresso, but this is not coffee! At least you know why it cost so much per cup $2-5 dollars each at the coffee (so-called) shops. And you could be roasting a whole pound yourself (for many pots and many, many cups), for around $6-7 per pound of premium single origin green coffee beans that is fresher than you can likely get from the store or your local roaster! Want/Need more caffeine? Add more scoops of coffee or roast your own espresso and add your own 1-2 shots.

    By the way, there is more caffeine in a 16 ounce bottle of your favorite cola or Pepsi’s ‘Mountain Dew’, than in regular coffee. 

   Enjoy your coffee or other burnt, dark, caffeinated beverage as you like, but at least know what coffee is! ☕ And…



For more information about coffee see our blog.


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The Bee and The Butterfly

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The Bee and The Butterfly

By Dahni
© 2020, all rights reserved


In a divided world, how can any cope

is there any hope

for  something common to unite us all 

Behold the silent clarion call

The sun 🌞 to the sunflower 🌻 unite

The bee 🐝 and the Butterfly 🦋 alight

Proving harmony and peace and still

Is but a choice of will

From the collection: ‘Letters from Earth’
By the same author


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To Every Patriot & Christian in the United States of America

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To Every Patriot & Christian in the United States of America

By Dahni, 1 of WE
© 2020, all rights reserved

   To Every Patriot & Christian in the United States of America, it is way past time to wake up! If you have not been awakened and have stayed awake by now, stay asleep! Just stay out of the way! If there be such a thing as the “silent majority”, it is way, way, long past time to be silent anymore! Every one of you, and I and WE, has to take a stand! The time is, NOW!

Evil – Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness burning in the streets

   Nothing should be clearer than to see the flag of the United States of America being disrespected and burned in our street, in our city of Portland, in our state of Oregon under the interpreted and corrupted idea of the freedom to desecrate! What is freedom and what a right is in this country is, what the Constitution says they are and the state constitutions which are supposed to be in unity with it, ‘The Law of the Land’! Not the President, the Congress or even the Supreme Court can tell you or I or anyone, what is freedom or a right. All they can do is execute the Constitution, legislate laws, which do not conflict with the Constitution, or judge actions that are not constitutional. They have no power to abolish the Constitution or change it so as if it were abolished! Only the people, WE the People can abolish government and institute new government as we believe well, serves our future security and happiness. Nothing should be clearer than to see a Bible or Bibles, being burnt with our flag, the flag of the United States of America disrespected and all burned in our street! Desecrated and burned, in our city of Portland, in our state of Oregon, under the interpreted and corrupted idea of freedom to desecrate and burn! These are actions of EVIL, perpetrated by the insane or greatly influenced by the same!

To Every Patriot in the United States of America

   You, and I and WE all need to read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America. We need to share these with others! Buy copies and give them away! We need to read them, study them, memorize them word-for-word and be able to recite them at a moments notice at any opportunity. We must speak boldly, but not rudely or with the intent to yell down an opposing voice. A soft answer turns away wrath!

   You, and I and WE all need to read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America. We need to share these with others! Buy copies and give them away! We need to read them, study them, memorize them word-for-word and be able to recite them at a moments notice at any opportunity. We must speak boldly, but not rudely or with the intent to yell down an opposing voice. A soft answer turns away wrath!

   We need to study the history of the Revolutionary War, the outcomes of everyone that pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. We need to know and understand what they fought against and what they fought for, often to the loss of their lives, their fortunes, but not their sacred honor. We need to know and understand that even though all have since died, all that remains is, their sacred honor! Their “sacred honor” is contained in these documents that now are, We the people of the United States of America. We must not cower! We must not be silent!

   And finally, we must understand that regardless of whether or not you are a Christian or a devout follower of any religion or of no religion whatsoever, all of our rights and freedoms have not come from the will of the human mind. Whether or not our founders, all of them men, women and children believed in God or not, they wrote, they signed, they lived and they died, for the protection of divine providence! Call it universal law, international law (laws between and among people), if not divine providence! For if these freedoms and these rights are not to all, they are for none. If human will gave these they are privileges and can be taken, forfeited, bought, sold and trade like common things. Whether the founders believed in God or not, our country was founded upon Judaeo-Christian principles! If this country is to remain a republic We each, each patriot must love this country and all that it represents! We must love and respect, all that are our citizens. We must have respect and show respect for our flag, it’s pledge of allegiance; it’s national anthem, with all due respect, for Liberty and Justice for all, for all! Being mindful of these things will stainless steel the soul and diamond strengthen the resolve that it is only Love that drives out darkness and hate! If even one is denied Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, then there is no ALL, no WE the People! “WE the People” is, in your hands and in mine!

   The time is now!

To Every Christian in the United States of America

   I do not care what church you may or may not attend. I do not care what you value or what the teachings of your particular brand of Christianity may be. If you have confessed with your mouth, the Lord Jesus Christ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you are a Christian, PERIOD! We Christians above all citizens of these United States should know that our first amendment right from the Bill of Rights in Our Constitution begins with—

“Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or abridging the free exercise thereof;…”

Excerpt from the US Constitution, Amendment I

   We Christians should know and understand that no religion including our particular beliefs are to be established by law as the ‘only’ religion, but that this allows Christianity to also, not to be prohibited and to be exercised freely. We Christians should know that in the United States, we are free to speak the truth in love.

“But speaking the truth in love,…”

Ephesians 4:15a King James Version (KJV)

   We Christians should know that Liberty is the emancipation from bondage. We Christians should know that—

“Then said Jesus to those Jews [anyone] which believed on him, IF ye [you] continue in my word, THEN are ye [you] my disciples indeed;”
“And [then] ye [you] shall [absolutely] KNOW THE TRUTH, and [then] THE TRUTH shall [absolutely] [not only just set you free, but] MAKE you free.”

John 8:31, 32, KJV

“…where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”

II Corinthians 3:17b, KJV

   We Christians should know that where we are, He is and there is Liberty! We Christians should know that through divine providence (the will of God), the United States of America was birthed, so that from here, all people might freely come to know the Word of God, which reveals Jesus Christ and—

“Neither is there salvation [Greek sózó – wholeness] in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved [Greek sózó -made whole].”

Acts 4:12, KJV

   We Christians should—

“Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.” – The return of Christ

Hebrews 10:25, KJV

   We Christians should know and be like those of ancient Thessalonica—

“For from you sounded out the word of the Lord not only in Macedonia and Achaia, but also in every place your faith to God-ward is spread abroad; so that we need not to speak any thing.”

I Thessalonians 1:8, KJV

   Even more so, we Christians should be more noble than those of Thessalonica like were the Bereans—

“These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.”

Acts 17:11, KJV

   We Christians must not cower in fear, but know—

“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

Jesus Christ from: John 14:27, KJV

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

II Timothy 1:7, KJV

“Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you [God, in Christ in you], than he [the devil, “the god of this world”] that is in the world.”

I John 4:4, KJV

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.”

I John 4:18

“Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.”

Romans 8:37, KJV

   We Christians should know our personal adversary—

“In whom the god of this world [the devil] hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.”

II Corinthians 4:4

   We Christians should no more be silent, but know if the culture is to be permeated (changed, transformed; reset), we must speak God’s Word like they did in the first century Church, to the end that—

“So mightily grew the word of God and prevailed.”

Acts 19:20

   We Christians must understand all of our rights and freedoms have not come from the will of the human mind, but by the will of God! Whether or not our founders, all of them men, women and children believed in God or not, they wrote, they signed, they lived and they died, for the protection of divine providence! Others call this ‘universal law’, but more accurately, ‘International law’ [between nations – all nations], “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son [Jesus Christ John 3:16a KJV]. God raised up the United States that all who desire to know, may freely know! But whether our founders believed in God or not, our country was still, founded upon Judaeo-Christian principles!

   If this country is to remain a Constitutional republic, we each, each patriot and Christian, must— Go, Stand and Speak the truth anywhere, to anyone and anytime!

“Go, stand and speak in the temple [anywhere, to anyone, anytime and all the time] to the people all the words of this life.”

Acts 5:20, KJV

   And finally, we the Christians of the United States of America should know above all our citizenry—

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord;…”

Psalm 33:12a, KJV

   Your responsibility and mine as Christians is far, far greater than all of the other patriot-citizens combined!

   The Time is Now!

   Take a Stand!


Note: I believe this post of such importance that I have shared it here on this blog. ‘The Gathering Place’ is what my wife Susan and I call our home on top of the hill in Macedon, New York. As a metaphor is is obvious, we want it to be a place where friends and family may freely “gather’. From the Bible or what is scriptural (from the scriptures, the Bible), it refers to a time when the dead in Christ and those alive at the return of Christ, will be “gathered” together. I shared this same post on my political blog, my Christian blog, my business blog and my personal artist blog. I has also be shared on my Facebook timeline, linked on my two Twitter accounts and various and other places. In two days or August 10, 2020 I will post my “farewell” on my Facebook timeline. It will remain until August 11, 2020. After that 48 hour time, I will begin the process of permanently deleting my Facebook account and all groups and pages associated with this. For security reasons (Facebook’s lack thereof), and their flagrant suppression of “freedom of speech” in using “fact-checkers” like a publisher would instead of a platform they claim to be, I am leaving Facebook.  I will be leaving Twitter ASAP for the same reasons, but more importantly, I believe Twitter to be a National Security risk! I will not be sharing this post with my Facebook group as it has for the most part has been discontinued. Most of the posts there came from here anyway. If you like this blog, subscribe to it for FREE and be notified when something new is posted.



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June 1st, 2020


By Dahni

   Sometime ago, I started writing a cookbook called, ‘The Gathering Place’ “Holidays & Special Occasions Entertaining”. My goal is for you and anyone to be enabled to turn your own home into a 5,6, or 7 star restaurant. I’m not sure a 6 or 7 exists, but I think you get the point. It is to include step by step instructions and pictures for:

appetizers, salads, main courses, desert, decorating, table setting, deserts, garnishing and the whole package from full-course gourmet meals— breakfast, lunch and dinner

   Along the way I thought, beverages should be included, alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Over the last few years I have built quite a collection. My wife Susan is a beneficiary as we have enjoyed these together. Many of the names are named after her and her words and emotional response have been the cause of the names for others. I have named this collection of drinks, ‘Sip’s with Susan’ as almost daily, in the morning, we likely gather on our enclosed front porch to converse over morning coffee or in the late afternoon, for Happy Together Hour, with adult libations.

   I have named other drinks to honor other people. I have shared some as private messages, by email, on my Facebook timeline, FB pages, blogs (like this one), Instagram and other social media publicly. Several people have asked why, do I  give these away, instead of selling them as a drink or bar book. Well, I just want to share with others and these may still appear in my book, as a stand-a-lone book or both, in the cookbook and separately. I probably should at least make up one for myself. There are so many, I can’t remember them all, even though I made them up. I have more than a hundred original drinks, but somehow, they got out of sequence. So, I started numbering them from 1-100 saying, I would stop when I hit.100 Today, is that day.

   I forwarded advance recipes of #98 and #100 to several people, including my sister who told me, “the last two (#99 and #100), “had better be over the top!” I believe they are. I shared #98 on this blog, on May 31st, 2020 and this one (#100), today, June 1st, 2020. I will share #99 ‘Flag Day’ on Flag Day, June 14th, 2020.  🙂

   But for this one (#100), I thought of gold and golden, like an “anniversary”. I decided to make this drink with real edible gold and to celebrate its completion. I call it, ‘Anniversary’. It seems apropos or fitting to me. It is also to honor or celebrate four important events, to me.

My sister’s 45th Anniversary of graduating from High School, in 1977
Our Grandma that we three grandchildren affectionately called ‘Nanny’, passed away on the same date, May 30th, 1990, so this is to honor her as she has ended her labor and is awaiting the return of Jesus Christ. This marks the 30th Anniversary, of this event.
On June 1st, 2020, my brother, Richard & his wife Susan, celebrate (I believe their 44th), wedding Anniversary
On June 1st, 2020, My Susan and I, celebrate the completion of, ‘Sips with Susan’, as its 1st Anniversary.

   Having a name (‘Anniversary’), and deciding to use edible gold, I started to envision what I could do with this. Champagne or sparkling wine came to mind, then those skinny flutes, often seen in mid-morning weddings, toasts, brunches and other celebratory events and ‘anniversaries”. Then I thought about, why not some kind of mimosa-like drink? I did not want to use the typical equal parts of Champagne (or sparkling wine), and orange juice. So, then I went on a journey to discover. Please come along. There is a drink (recipe), waiting for you at the end. 🙂

Note: ‘Anniversary’ may also be called, an ‘Anniversary Mimosa’ or a ‘True Mimosa’. A True Mimosa is prepared with equal parts of a pink citrus or pink colored liquid and champagne.

   What you may or may not be familiar with is, the one that appears orange and is made with equal parts of orange juice and champagne. Confused? There is no need to be. Both drinks derive their name from the Mimosa Tree (so-called). One has yellow to orange blossoms and the other has pink flower puffs that have the appearance of silk threads, tipped in light pink, darker pink or even white. Only one is a true Mimosa and the other is just called, a Mimosa. Though both may grow as tall as trees, many refer to them as weeds and both are invasive. Neither is related to the other. They only share the name of mimosa and fern-like leaves. Are you really confused now? Not to worry! Lets us begin discovery to understand, by the drink name of, Mimosa.

   There exists an unproven theory that the Mimosa (drink), first appeared in some hotel, someplace in the Mediterranean in, 1900. So, we are looking at least in Europe. Now Spain, for centuries, has been making drinks with oranges and sparkling wine. Only if approved by France and from the Champagne region of France can it be officially called Champagne, unless it is made in California USA? They somehow get to call their sparkling wines, California Champagne. Everyone else, must just call them, sparkling wines. Carbonation naturally or by adding CO2 is what causes the fizzy-bubbles that people like and others do not, for the same reason, fizzy-bubbles.

   Next, let’s look at the name, Mimosa.

   The generic name is derived from the Greek word μῖμος (mimos), an “actor” or “mime”, and the feminine suffix -osa, “resembling”, suggesting its ‘sensitive leaves’ which seem to ‘mimic conscious life’. Some varieties (the True Mimosa), have leaves which are known to close up if touched and at night when the sun goes down. So this is where the idea that it is conscious and alive. In first light of the sunrise, these fragile silk-thread-like blossoms will appear to dance, refracting first-light. When the blossoms fall and if upon water, they will shimmer and appear to dance again, but will sink below the water’s surface, when the sun sets. For a time, they will appear as if alive again, when they rise to the water’s surface again, when the sun returns.

   Out of the many species, let’s look at two. Actually, they are similar, but not the same. To add even more potential confusion, there is the following:

“The Mimosoideae are trees, herbs, lianas, and shrubs that mostly grow in tropical and subtropical climates. They comprise a clade, previously placed at the subfamily or family level in the flowering plant family Fabaceae (Leguminosae). In previous classifications (e.g. the Cronquist system), Mimosoideae refers to what was formerly considered the tribe Mimoseae. Characteristics include flowers in radial symmetry with petals that are valvate (twice divided) in bud, and have numerous showy, prominent stamens. Mimosoideae comprise about 40 genera and 2,500 species.”

Excerpt from:

Albizia julibrissin

Albizia julibrissin

   The ‘True Mimosa’, is part of the above. Albizia julibrissin, the Persian silk tree or pink silk tree, is a species of tree in the family Fabaceae, native to southwestern and eastern Asia. The genus is named after the Italian nobleman, Filippo degli Albizzi, who introduced it to Europe in the mid-18th century, and it is sometimes incorrectly spelled, Albizzia. The specific epithet julibrissin is a corruption of the Persian word gul-i abrisham (گل ابریشم) which means “silk flower” (from gul گل “flower” + abrisham ابریشم “silk”).

   Albizia julibrissin is known by a wide variety of common names, such as Persian silk tree and pink siris. It is also called Lenkoran acacia or bastard tamarind, though it is not too closely related to either genus. The species is called Chinese silk tree, silk tree or mimosa in the United States, which is misleading, because acacia is not a true Mimosa, even though it is called a mimosa. Grown all over the world now,  it prefers a southern or tropical climate and does not long survive in areas that drop further in temperature, than a mere frost. Native to the Middle East and Asia, this True Mimosa was brought to this country in 1785, by the famous French botanist, Andre Michaux, who planted it in his botanic garden, in Charleston, South Carolina. Some describe its fragrance to being similar to a light scent of gardenia. I read of one lady that loved this growing up in Alabama (it spread that far). But now, if she was asked how to care for them her response is, “whenever you have a good chainsaw!”

Map of range in the USA

Acacia dealbata

Acacia dealbata

   Acacia dealbata, the silver wattle, blue wattle or mimosa, is a species of flowering plant in the legume family Fabaceae, native to southeastern Australia in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, and the Australian Capital Territory and widely introduced in Mediterranean, warm temperate, and highland tropical landscapes. The flowers are produced in large puff-like balls which are made up of numerous smaller globe–like bright yellow or orange flowerheads of 13–42 individual flowers. In moist mountain areas, a white lichen can almost cover the bark, which may contribute to the descriptor “silver”. The Latin specific epithet dealbata also means “covered in a white powder” Acacia dealbata appears to be most closely related to A. mearnsii, A. nanodealbata and A. baileyana. While some consider A. dealbata to be a variant of Acacia decurrens. Acacia dealbata is widely cultivated as an ornamental plant in warm temperate regions of the world, and is naturalised in some areas, including Sochi (Black Sea coast of Russia), southwestern Western Australia, southeastern South Australia, Norfolk Island, the Mediterranean region from Portugal to Greece and Morocco to Israel, Yalta (Crimea, Russia), California, Madagascar, southern Africa (South Africa, Zimbabwe), the highlands of southern India, south-western China and Chile. It is hardy down to 23 °F), but does not survive prolonged frost.

   My theory is that someone saw a True Mimosa (pink flowered tree), and where they lived there was another plant/tree that had fern-like leaves and puff balls of silk-like flowers of yellow or orange blossoms. Spain, having consumed sparkling wine with orange juice for centuries, someone saw this somewhere and decided to name the drink, a mimosa. By the way, a most favored variety of orange for juice is, the Valencia Orange. Is there a connection with Valencia, Spain?  🙂

   A mimosa (the drink), is generally equal parts of citrus juice and sparkling wine, Champagne or California Champagne. If you live where this plant/tree/ flourishes and the flowers are yellow or orange, this would be a mimosa to you. But if you live where the True Mimosa plant/tree flourishes (pink flowers), red grapefruit, perhaps blood orange or a splash of grenadine with lemonade (spiked or not), with sparkling wine, would be a mimosa to you.

   In the fall, many mix apple juice, cider or hard cider and call this a apple mimosa. But I don’t suppose apples are a citrus fruit and citrus is typically used for a mimosa.

   And just so you know, all the tree/plants we have been discussing here are invasive. They take over the canopy. They choke out other plants and they spread wildly, widely and grow quickly. Their roots have compromised concrete and block wall foundations. They are considered weeds is many areas. Many parts of the world outlaw their plants and vehement seek to eradicate them with extreme prejudice.

   Call these drinks (however you find them), order them in what colors are available to you and call them whatever you like. They are popular for mid-morning weddings, brunches (between breakfast and lunch), and anything celebratory like, “anniversaries”.

   For myself, in the spirit of a true mimosa (the tree), and the mimosa (the drink), I am using citrus and something red to make the drink pink in color. For mine, I’m’just calling this, ‘Anniversary’

‘Anniversary’ edible gold (closeup)


Libatious’ #100 (stopped now that I’ve hit 100)

By Dahnini or Dahnitini
Spirits Alchemist
Bon Devant

Use tall glassware with long stems
Dip rims of champagne 🥂 flutes into lemon juice and holding the stem of the glass in your hand at an angle, slowly turn, making a full circle, sprinkling edible gold dust on lemon juiced rims
Add a little grenadine to the bottom of each glass (about ½”)
Place a pink heart-shaped💕 ginger sugar cube, into the bottom of each glass
Chill the flutes until ready to serve

1 jigger of lemon 🍋 simple syrup
1 jigger of ginger liqueur
A splash of grenadine syrup for color (pale pink)

Pour into hand shaker
Add ice

“Shaken not stirred!” -007, Bond, James

Pour strained into chilled champagne 🥂 flutes
Top with champagne 🍾
Sprinkle a little edible gold dust over top of bubbles

Makes 2 lovely libations. One to share and one for you 😀

ENJOY! 😉 Drink your ‘Anniversary’ responsibly! 😂

‘Anniversary’ with heart-shaped ginger sugar cubes

‘Anniversary’ edible gold

Note: You would need to purchase the book or collection when published, to receive the recipes how to make lemon simple syrup and what I call ‘ginger juice’, to make the ginger sugar cubes. In the pictures above they appear to be floating at the bottom, but size prevents from sinking to the bottom and weight does not allow them to float to the top. A small silicone candy mold was used to make the heart shapes. Red food coloring was used to make them pink. Edible gold should be 23K – 24K gold with no other metals, alloys or additives. Edible gold does not have any known nutritional benefits and it is consider safe and is excreted or eliminated from the body. You don’t really taste this per se, it just looks beautiful. Edible gold dust is available at many places online as, 

By Dahni & I-Magine
©️ 2020, all rights reserved

From my Work in Progress: ‘The Gathering Place Cook Book’,
under the category of: beverages, ‘Sips with Susan’

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O’ Beautiful

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May 31st, 2020

O’ Beautiful

   It has been a while since I posted here, but I wanted to share a new drink I recently prepared with you. It is what I call an adult libation, to be shared, and that I shared with my wife Susan, during our late-afternoon or early-evening Happy Together Hour, AKA, ‘Sips with Susan’

   The name ‘O’ Beautiful’ may make you think of some patriotic song, but it is really a lot simplier than a song. It was the words and the expression on Susan’s face, when I presented it to her; she said,

“O’ Beautiful!”

   This is the perfect name for me, for this drink. Recently, I have been into layering drinks and using wine with other distilled spirits. I have come across a really simple, beautiful and delicious way to do this that anyone can do. One friend in particular, really loves my drinks, as do Susan and I. I often send my friend Lisa advance copies of at least some of my recipes. She has a husband, family and they too, love to get together and share drinks. But Lisa recently commented that she might try this and other drinks, “but no one can make them as beautiful as you do!”

   My response to her was, au contraire, anyone can make these!! I do not make them to show off or to impress, but to bless!!! What is the purpose of them if they can’t be replicated simply and by anyone? I’ll gladly accept the credit for their concept and the fun in naming my own original drinks, but you take the credit and the praise from others in their enjoyment of them, and I’m fine with that. So, without further adieu, I present to you, O’ Beautiful’. 

‘O’ Beautiful’

Libatious’ #98 (stopping when I hit 100)

By Dahnini or Dahnitini
Spirits Alchemist
Bon Devant

Juice of 1 fresh lime 🍈
1 jigger of cherry 🍒 liqueur
1 jigger of ginger liqueur
4 jiggers of vodka
4 jiggers of lemonade 🍋

Pour into hand shaker
Add ice

“Shaken not stirred!” -007, Bond, James

Pour into chilled wine glasses 🍷 with 1 -3 pieces of ice 🧊 (depending on cube size)
Pour 1 jigger of merlot or some dry red wine over the back of a spoon 🥄 at an angle over the surface of the liquid beneath
Garnish with cut slices of fresh strawberries dipped in lemon juice 🍋 and sprinkled with sugar skewered with a bamboo knot pick

Note: What do fresh strawberries have to do with this drink? Absolutely nothing other than it’s just part of what makes it “O’ Beautiful” and a nice taste at the end of your already deliciosness! 😀

Makes 2 lovely libations. One to share and one for you 😀

ENJOY! 😉 Drink your ‘O’ Beautiful’ responsibly! 😂

By Dahni & I-Magine
©️ 2020, all rights reserved

From my Work in Progress: ‘The Gathering Place Cook Book’, under the category of: beverages, ‘Sips with Susan’

0′ Beautiful’ by Dahni

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Happy Birthday

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March 27, 2020

Today is my Mother-in-law’s Birthday 🎂


Ethel and her two sisters, Audrey and Anne (in this order), were the first which welcomed me with open arms and open hearts, ♥️ without hesitation or reservation; without judgement. Some believe your marry a family when you marry someone (my wife, Susan Meech Hayden), in it. But there was also my father-in-law, an uncle, three step-sons, their wives, their 7 children and cousins and other kindreds. Marrying any woman is work enough and then there is work with all she is kindred to. Few men are ever good enough for a mother’s and father’s daughter. Multiply this many times, if you marry a divorced woman with children! But, call it Kingly or Queenly kindness, Mom and her two sisters (my aunts), graciously accepted me the first time I met them. And I liked all three of them, the first time I met each of them. Now unless you think this is about me or three sisters, it is not. But it is about a similar trait that all three shared and this merely is my observations of the qualities of one in particular.

Ethel Lovatt Meech, is my mother-in-law, to which I have long dispensed with the factual and formal title and just call her Mom. Blood not, but not any less is she to me, than my birth mother.

Her husband Henry, “Bud” Meech, my father-in-law called her “Lovie”. She was indeed, a loving 🥰 sister, a loving 🥰 wife, a loving 🥰 mother, a loving 🥰 aunt, a loving 🥰 cousin, a loving 🥰 grandmother, a loving 🥰 great grandmother and a loving 🥰 friend!

Our only granddaughter Leona, and one nephew Chase, both have ‘Lovatt’ as their middle name.

Mom was a proper Lady. She was often quiet and a good listener. But she was an exceptional conversationalist too, poignant, sharp and smart.

She also had a fun and funny side too. Both her two true children could tell you about her burgundy red convertible 67′ mustang she loved to drive.

Her comedic timing was often unexpected, but greatly appreciated. I would’ve loved to have been at the dinner table when her husband Bud asked her to throw him a pickle and she tossed it into the air! I remember standing next to her and my wife Susan, was on her other side at the funeral home. We were there to say goodbye to her husband, the father of her children, “Bud” Henry Meech. The grandchildren called her, ‘Grandma Sweetie Pie’. Yes, she was a sweetie, made great pie and was a wonderful cook. But there we were and it was a solemn moment, for all in saying goodbye, as we drew near to see him and pay our respects and begin the grieving process. Mom looked on her husband and friend and just quietly said, “The shell is still here, but the nut is gone.”

I would have loved to have been a fly in the car when she and dad were in the front seats (Dad was driving) and it was the first time she met his mom and grandmother. They were all singing songs and then there was a sudden quiet. To break the ice and cut through the edginess, Mom broke out singing, ‘Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall’. If that’s not funny enough for you, unbeknownst to Ethel, her newly met grandmother-in-law just happened to be the wife of a Methodist minister and her new mother-in-law was aligned with The Women’s Temperance Movement that opposed the consumption of alcohol. 🍹 🍸 🍺 🍷 🤣🤣🤣

But to me, the greatest thing my Mom had been was a career registered nurse. And that fact does not even begin to tell the story. I have met a few famous people in my life and had my heroes and heroines, But never in my wildest dreams, could I ever have imagined, marrying into a family with one hero and one heroine, married to each other. Their family became my family!

But Ethel was not only a registered nurse, oh no, a million times no! She was a proud and lifelong member of, The United States Nurse Cadet Corps.


The United States Cadet Nurse Corps (CNC), was authorized by the U.S. Congress and signed into law as a nondiscriminatory program, in July 1943. Its purpose was to help alleviate the nursing shortage that existed during World War II. The United States Public Health Service (USPHS), was named the supervisory agency; it was answerable to, the Surgeon General of the United States.

Its origins can be traced to the establishment in 1798, of a system of marine hospitals. In 1870, these were consolidated into the Marine Hospital Service, and the position of Surgeon General, first began.

The program was formed, July 1st, 1943 and was dissolved, December 31st, 1948.

The Media carried the news and offerings everywhere

The program was open to all women between the ages of 17 and 35 who were in good health and had graduated from an accredited high school.

All state nursing schools in the U.S. were eligible to participate in the program; they were, however, required to be accredited by the accrediting agency in their state and be connected with a hospital that had been approved by the American College of Surgeons. The participating schools of nursing were required to compress the traditional 36-month nursing program into 30 months and were obligated to provide the students with the clinical experiences of medicine, surgery, pediatrics, and obstetrics.

Ethel was an operating room and surgery nurse, for the better part of her career in nursing.

This was an incredible opportunity for women, for financial independence and a lifetime career, no matter the economic situation or societal woes that may befall a nation. If you were a nurse and even today, you always have a job. All of these things appealed to young women which before, may have had little to no opportunity to improve the quality of their lives. The uniforms, stockings, lapel pins, a particular shade of ruby red lipstick, and berets were highly attractive to many. If you were a nurse, a Cadet Nurse, you were in essence, a fashionista!

Status symbols and fashionistas

Many wanted to be one or to be seen with one!


There was a lot of prestige being a Cadet Nurse. You were not just anybody or just a woman, you were often gorgeous, highly intelligent, professional, highly trained, in high demand and were often viewed like rock stars of the times. Many women longed to be a Cadet Nurses and along with all these characteristics and compassion for others and the faithful dedication, many men fervently desired to date a Cadet Nurse, kiss one and with an ultimate hope of marrying one!


Beyond these things, Cadet Nurses were honored to serve their country as the country was honored by their presence. They filled great voids in this country, when so much of the medical field were on the front lines overseas. But no matter where a Nurse Cadet served, she was also on the front lines and among the ‘first responders’. They did not only give life giving aid and literally saved many a life, they often wrote letters for their patients, read to them, talked to them, comforted them, and kept vigil the whole dark night of their patients’s souls. They were heroes and heroines each one, and often your trusted confidant and best friend! Doctors could never, and cannot ever, survive for any length of time without them! And the greatest medical people in the world are in the USA! 🇺🇸 The quality of the entire medical industry that we enjoy today, are the direct results of The Nurse Cadet Corps that forged it in fire, 🔥 on the front lines, of the front lines of, human trauma and tragedy, crisis and redemption, by what many think on as the ‘angels of grace and mercy!

My mother-in-law, Ethel Lovatt Meech, my adopted mom, was a pioneer on a love frontier. And she is my heroine!

She knew her grandson Jonathan was following, in her footsteps and she spoke of him often fondly and beamed with pride. He wanted her to be the one that pinned him when he graduated from nursing school, but sadly, she passed before. But he did graduate, is a husband, a father of three boys, and a NICU nurse (neonatal Specialist), but he is also studying and soon to graduate, as a Nurse Practitioner. I know she would be (is), so very proud of him as he like her, in our current World War against the Covid19 virus, is on the front lines of the front lines!

Triple Victory- The War is Over, Home Again, & Kiss a Nurse! 🙂

Jonathan was there and Susan and I were there when Mom took her last breath. I have no other way to say this than, it was a beautiful death. She was surrounded by people that loved her and that she loved and she quietly closed her eyes and went to sleep. She was draped with a quilt that was given to her by a Nurse who had also served in the military. The quilt has an American flag woven design. We still have this. It was just a token of a grateful country, for her service!

The Quilt that draped Ethel, in honor of her service to the USA

We now live in the same home that she and my father-in-law lived in, from 1973 until they passed. We inherited a simple little kitchen timer that runs off of batteries. It is just inside one of the cabinets in our kitchen. For some unknown reasons and at different times, when either of us walk by the cabinet, the alarm inside starts dinging. We always think it’s Mom trying to say something and we always say, “Hi Mom,” and then shut the alarm off. And today is, your birthday! Your your daughter Susan, is making a cake for you, to celebrate you today and for as long as we still draw breath.

I don’t know if I ever said this to you, but like the line from a favorite song of mine, “Did you ever know that you’re my hero?” 🥰❤️

Your Dahni
(Because you made me yours)

A Beautiful Woman inside and Out

Still kept her red curly hair


Cadet Hymn

Faithful ever to my country, to the Corps, my sacred trust,
Grant that I may follow wisely, all the guidance offered me.
Give me kindness, grant me patience,
That I may not fail this noble challenge to heal the suffering ones.
Help me to ally the sorrowing in a world torn by strife,
May I hold the lamp of nursing in the sprit of the Corps,
Give me strength, and grant me knowledge,
To pursue my chosen way with courage to heal the suffering ones.
Now I dedicate my service, pledge myself and all I am,
Thus to make of life a triumph, over sorrow over death,
Give me pride in my endeavor
In the service of my Corps, o grant that I may heal the suffering ones

The cadet hymn was composed by the director of music at Mt. Vernon Methodist Church in Washington, D.C. and the words were written by a member of the Division of Nursing Education of the USPHS. It was released in 1945 on the second anniversary of the CNC

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Toast the Roast- “Live”

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‘Toast the Roast’ “Live”

Good Morning! 🙂

I am pleased to announce:

‘Toast the Roast’ – “Coffee talk with Dahni”, July 6th, 2019 10:00 AM (rain or shine). Class size limited to 14. Sign up at

“Live”- Our first of hopefully, MORE to Come! 🙂


SIgn up at our friends website and hosts for this event Click on ‘Events’


For additional information, see our other blog specific to coffee at The Gathering Place Coffee Roasters

I hope you are excited! I close with raising my cup to you, to…

‘Toast Your Roast!’ 

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Spa Side Amore-tinis

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Spa Side Amore-tinis

By Dahnini or Dahnitini
©️2019, all rights reserved

Hot or cold, love is in the air. The Italians call it, amore (love). Heading to the spa or hot tub with your love? Why not a couple of Amore-tinis and watch Jupiter in the night skies or the poetry in motion, in each other’s eyes! 🙂

Spa Side Amore-tinis By Dahnini or Dahnitini


By Dahnini or Dahnitini

Juice of 1 small fresh lime
2 jiggers Amaretto almond liqueur
1 jigger of vodka
1 jigger or apricot juice or nectar
Add ice
Pour into hand shaker and shake

“Shaken not stirred!” -007, Bond, James Bond” 🙂

Pour back into martini 🍸 glass

Garnish with a stick and a skewered piece of dried apricot, dipped in lime juice and sprinkled with mix of almond flour and raw sugar

ENJOY!  Drink your ‘Amore-tini responsibly! 🙂


Notes: Amore is Italian 🇮🇹 for “love” Amaretto (also Italian 🇮🇹), means “little bitter” and is often made with almonds and pulverized apricot shells which also taste like almonds.

By Dahni & I-Magine
©️ 2019, all rights reserved
From my Work in Progress: ‘
The Gathering Place Cook Book’
“How to Turn Your Home into a Four Star Restaurant’

under the category of beverages— ‘Sips with Susan’

Sing it Dean! Ruin it Jerry! 🙂


Lyrics to That’s Amore:



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Toast the Roast- Now What? Abbreviated

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Now What Do You Dowith the Coffee You’ve Roasted #4

“The Abbreviated Version” 🙂

(a series about roasting your own coffee) #4 of 4

By Dahni
©️ 2019, all rights reserved

Map of Coffee World-click for a larger view

One dancing goat, the other one is drinking coffee- click for larger view

From Kaldi and his dancing goats from Ethiopia, to Kenya and Yemen, coffee spread across the world where today—

• Coffee locations on the map all share similar characteristics: tropical and high elevation (among others). The climate must be perfect, for coffee to be grown and thrive!
• Coffee is exported from around 70 countries and imported by most countries in the world! The United States, is one of, if not the biggest importer of coffee in the world! WE the People of the USA, like our coffee!
• Mexico is likely the largest exporter of coffee to the United States! Think about that! Where did your coffee come from? Is it a blend of Mexican and some other(s)?!
• No coffee origins (varieties), are exactly like any other! Even the same origin will not always be the same, every time. Correctly roasted coffee reaches a peak then falls off in about 7-10 days! Coffee in those 7-10 days is always subtle, unique and their nuances different, each day! Some believe that the ONLY place to roast coffee is at the same location where the plants are grown, the cherries are harvested and the green beans (seeds), are processed! If this is true, then wouldn’t the best place to drink coffee be, at the same place where it is roasted? Personally, I am not financially independent, not that particular and not this patient!
• They are not really beans, they are seeds! They are called ‘cherries’, before they become ready for our coffee. They are very odd as, not every “cherry” will produce a seed! It takes around two thousand (2,000), cherries (the ones with seeds), to make our one cup of coffee!
• Because of all the above conditions and more, most cherries are still picked by hand, throughout the world! The terrain of most areas where coffee is grown, prevents most beasts of burden and modern equipment, from reaching the plants to extract the “cherries”!
• Arabica beans are the most desired, but they are also, the most fragile, compared to Robusta! Generally, Robusta beans have more caffeine and are larger beans! Robusta are often used in “blends” and to lower costs, while still charging us more for what they tell, are their, “signature blends”! Arabica beans account for sixty percent (60%), and Robusta, forty percent (40%), of all coffee beans!
• Coffee is the second (2nd), most traded commodity in the world!
• Coffee is the fourth (4th), most consumed beverage in the world, following in order: water, beer, wine and coffee!
• Kona Coffee from Hawaii (one of the most expensive and most popular in the world), is about the only place where commercial and mass quantities of coffee, are grown in the United States!
• One of the reasons (among many), Jamaican Blue Mountain (another expensive, popular and my favorite coffee), is so expensive is because, Japan (yes Japan), has had a trade agreement with Jamaica, to purchase ninety percent (90%), of their beans (roasted or green), for maybe well over a hundred (100), years!
• Political unrest and instability, could potentially halt the export of coffee, from that country, at anytime! Think about that and ask yourself what you would do, if tomorrow morning, your favorite coffee was no longer available??? This is another wonderful reason to order green beans at a current price and not at a higher price in the future and green beans can keep for years, in a cool dark place! Need I mention the importance of trying new coffees and educating your palette? ROAST YOUR OWN COFFEE!

Brewed Coffee and Beans

Brewed Coffee

The most obvious thing to do after roasting your beans is to grind them and brew, and have a cup or two or a few. If you have never had coffee this fresh and that it’s not over-roasted, you just might be tasting coffee as it was meant to be enjoyed, for the very first time??!! If you usually drink coffee with cream, sugar or both, you may be surprised how great your roasts taste, drinking it black??!! Enjoy the flashback ‘Percolator ‘ song, from the YouTube video to follow. 🙂

OK, what next?

What to do with those grounds? Do you have roses or hydrangeas? Share your grounds, they like coffee too. One of the reasons for this is due to the acidity in the coffee that plants like. OK, what next?

Decaf? There is no such thing! Most coffee marketed and sold as decaffeinated is around 97% caffeine free. Well, that still leaves around 3% caffeine doesn’t it? What I’m calling it is, Locaf (lower caffeinated) Coffee.

Locaf or Lower Caffeinated Coffee

Sometimes, you or your others, may or would like a cup of coffee before say, bedtime. Maybe you don’t need the energy or the buzz from caffeine and you don’t want to stay awake all night. 🙂

To remove caffeine, it begins with green beans ONLY! There are only 2 ways to remove up to about 97% of the caffeine from coffee:

1. Chemicals- Not for me!
2. Water- The most natural and organic! For anything and everything you may or may not want to know about so-called decaffeination (lowered caffeine, but never all), click here 

Want it? Need it? Well, you have three choices:

1. Buy whole beans or ground decaffeinated (Locaf), coffee. But if you are a home roaster or want to be, why would you?
2. Buy green beans that have most of the caffeine (never all), removed and roast yourself. NO PROCESS CAN REMOVE ALL OF THE CAFFEINE! But I would only choose green beans that use the water process, to remove caffeine (whatever amount is removed)! Where to get them? Click here
3. Do it yourself! How? Well, it will take some time!!! Place your green beans in a bowl. Pour hot water onto the beans and cover them with the hot water. Let them soak, for a few minutes. Drain and rinse. Repeat. Each time you do this, more of the caffeine is removed. When finished, roast the beans to your satisfaction.

Did you know, there are over 1,200 complex compounds in coffee, which contribute to their flavor profiles?? There are!!! Uhh, why then, would anyone want to over-roast and mess up any of these flavor compounds??? Just Don’t!!! Sugar is just one of the compounds. Caffeine is another. But it is odorless and colorless, though it does contribute acidity, which does affect, the overall taste of some coffees.

Note: There is more information available on this to class participants or online subscribers. See classes- click here

OK, what’s next?

Blends or Blending

Blends could be something you might like? Blends are for two real reasons, in the coffee industry:

  1. By using inferior beans and over roasting, costs can be cut and it can be marketed and sold as a signature blend and charge more for it.
  2. You really want to produce a signature blend with something unique. Or, maybe you had no choice? Look back to the South during the Civil War. The North was often blocking the southern waterways and prevented or disrupted the supply of coffee. They either had to make some dark beverage from roots and other stuff besides coffee or they stretched the coffee by adding other grains and etc. to it.

Chicory was once such grain and it is still popular in the south, particularly in Louisiana. Have you ever heard of Cafe du Monde? It is world famous and started in New Orleans in 1862. They are open seven days a week; year-round, except, for Christmas Day or if an occasional hurricane forces them to close. We still have a can of this in our freezer (not a good idea to store this way, but it’s done). My wife Susan, actually had this coffee in New Orleans. I first tasted it in Japan. Yes, it’s all over the world. But in a can? How fresh can [pun-ny], that be? What if you made your own? Yes, yes you can!

Coffee blended with pine nuts

Another blend I liked and tasted, is roasted in New Mexico, USA. It is coffee made with pinions (pine nuts). It is very unique, but how long can it stay fresh in a can or even a nitrogen packed can or foil bag? When was it roasted? How many months ago was that? How many months hence, from the date of roasting, does the package read, “Best is used by [some date way into the future]”. Why not roast this blend yourself? I will be, as soon as possible!

Blends and Dark Roast

Do you like or do your friends and family like espresso, latte, macchiato, capuchino and other dark roasted beverages? Then roast some! It is easy to do. Any coffee, if dark roasted, can be used for any of the beverages above. But here is where blending or blends come in. I wanted to try this and I mixed three (3), different coffees from different countries. One was from Ethiopia. By now you know that Ethiopia is likely, where coffee began. In our classes, we use Ethiopian coffee to roast. Class participants get to sample some fresh brewed, from fresh ground, and from fresh roasted coffee beans. And they each receive a 1/4 pound of fresh roasted beans, they can take home and enjoy the next morning. Now by “fresh” I mean, coffee beans that were roasted 24-48 hours before shared. Two of the class members will each receive 1/2 pound of the coffee, I roast at the actual class. Chosen by having the winning ticket selected, one receives from the popcorn popper roast and the other from the skillet roast. Obviously, I cannot make these available online and I do not have the means or the desire to be roasting around 7 pounds of coffee beans (what is needed for a class of 14), more than once or twice a week! But also, in class and by way of a special password required protected location and for a limited time ONLY, class members will receive the actual recipe I used, for making my dark blend, for espresso and etc.  For more info. on classes and etc. click here Again, Ethiopian is the coffee used for classes, for obvious reasons. It was probably the “FIRST COFFEE”, many people have never tried it, it is one of the most popular and it is great in a blend, for espresso and etc.

Various beverages from dark roasting-click for larger view

This could be your dark roasted beans- click for a larger view

Note on Blends/Blending: Technically, each coffee used in a blend, should be roasted separately and then blended. But I only made a 1/2 pound of dark roast and I roasted all three (3), different coffees together, at the same time. You are probably expecting this, but you will have to take my word for it (or take a class, learn the recipe and roast it yourself), but it made the freshest and best cup of espresso, latte, macchiato and cappuccino, my wife and I have ever had! Then I did another, not-supposed-to-do thing. I put it in a plastic sandwich bag, in a sealed black plastic container and stuck it in the freezer. Oh Noooo! 🙂

If needed or desired, I have my dark roast on hand, for anyone that comes to ‘The Gathering Place’ (what we call our home). I will be roasting this again, if/when needed, but especially for, the winter holidays! OK, what next?

Roasting for espresso? Have you ever had or do you like eating espresso beans? How about chocolate covered, espresso beans?! I have recipes for these too! Take a class and/or become a subscriber. Click here OK, what’s next?

Latte Art

Have you ever seen or had one of those extraordinary and barista artist created designs with cream, on top of your dark beverage?

Latte Art- click for a larger view

Latte Art You Could Make at Home

Do you think these might add to the cost of your cup? Why not make your own? They do not have to be complicated and so detailed and complex, that you regret destroying the art when you or someone drinks your cuppa! I’ve seen some that are so detailed, they look like famous people, animals and all kinds of stuff! Do you you think these might add to the time it takes to get a cup, and drink it and that your coffee may not be as hot as you may like it, depending on how long it takes to make and get it to you?? Please do not misunderstand me. I like, admire, respect and appreciate art and artists. But as a former chef, there is a line I just won’t cross. That line is in the middle of Impress and Bless. There is nothing wrong with presenting food and drink in a beautiful or visually pleasing manner. It actually aides in digestion, promotes good conversation and increases enjoyment or JOY! But If I want to, have to or feel the need to impress you, I have crossed the line over my desire to simply, Bless You! And, like anticipating and expecting and waiting on a good meal or beverage to come, I just don’t have the patience to wait for say, da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’ to be made with cream, on top of my coffee. And as a former chef, I don’t have the patience to wait to see your reaction to what I’ve prepared especially for you! Still, latte art is cool. You can learn to do some really simple, gorgeous, beautiful (find your own adjectives), latte art which will bless your guests and not take forever and a day to make. The word bless means, “Highly Favored!” For more information, to take one of our classes and/or become a subscriber. Click here  Or wait until I finish my book (see below). OK, what’s next?

Cold Coffee (iced) or Cold Brew

Cold Coffee-click for larger view

Have you ever had or do you like, Cold Coffee or Cold Brewed Coffee? What’s the difference? Cold coffee is just like it is written. It is coffee that has been brewed and allowed to cool. It is served at room temperature, cool, cold, ice cold or with ice. It is served, with or without cream and or sugar. Cold Brew is just like brewing sun tea in a glass jar, in a filter (or a tea ball), and allowed to sit in the sun (or even on your counter-top). I call this, ‘Sun Coffee’ 🙂

Each (Cold Coffee or Cold Brew), have their own unique tastes, and depend on the origin of the coffee they are made from.

Sun Coffee- click for a larger view

One of a grandfathers (a proper man and a highly educated man), liked cold or cooled or chilled or room temperature coffee (whatever was his preferred temperature). He would make coffee in a glass-top metal percolator, on top of his stove. Then he would pour some out into a nice teacup, which sat on a matching saucer. He would let this cool, pour some into the saucer, set aside the cup and raise the saucer and drink form it. I never saw him do this in public. I do not know if it is civilized or acceptable in public or how Emily Post or Miss Manners (two culture, class and etiquette champions), would view this, but it was his home, his castle, his private time and it made him happy! To be honest, I was not a fan of coffee that has any other temperature than hot enough to burn my lips! Hosting others and serving others is a responsibility and should be a joy to all chefs. Seek to bless and not impress! But I concede these (Cold Coffee or Cold Brew), have a place and FYI (for your information), I am warming up (or cooling down), to the idea! 🙂

You can add some spices and (natural flavorings), to either of these, to really transform your summer-cool-off beverages or whenever you want your coffee to Chill Out! 🙂

I’ve recipes for these too, also either available from online, for class participants, subscribers only or when completed and published, in my book—

‘The Gathering Place Feast Book’
(“How anyone can turn their home into a 5 star restaurant!”)
By Dahni

Note: If you like Nitro (nitrogen treated), Coffee, I cannot help you. I don’t care for it and I certainly do not have the necessary equipment or nitrogen sitting around in my mad-scientist lab in the basement! And there will not be one in the future, either, EVER! 🙂

OK, what’s next?

Other Beverages with Coffee

Other beverages with coffee? Like what? How about Adult Beverages (alcohol or non-alcoholic), for your Libations and Happy Together Hours! Coffee Liqueur made by you? Absolutely! How about a home-made ‘Coffee-tini’ by your’s truly, Dahnitini, mixologist; drink meister extraordinaire! 🙂

Desserts With Coffee

Coffee ice cream, coffee cake, tiramisu, coffee pie, coffee cookies anyone? We’ve got em’ and a lot more. Make your own! Make up your own.

Coffee as a Spice

Ground coffee as a spice? Sure, why not? Use as a rub, or part of a meat sauce for hamburgers and etc. The possibilities are endless. Use it. Make up some great stuff!

Coffee in Art & Literature

Yes! I’ve used coffee as a water color background, for some of my photograph turned paintings. Remember, Thomas Jefferson loved coffee and said it was the most civilized drink in the world. He may have had coffee when he was working on the drafts, to the Declaration of Independence. Maybe our Founders of this wonderful Republic of Ours, consummated its signing, before, during or after, with coffee. Poets and authors wrote and write, while consuming coffee. I have a cup of coffee beside me, as I am writing this. Now maybe this is not literature, but I am writing and I am drinking coffee, while doing it!

‘Ever Notice’ By Dahni © 2006 Background is painted with coffee- click for larger view

Coffee Around Your Home

I’ve already mentioned using your used coffee grounds, on roses and hydrangeas. It’s great fertilizer. Coffee grounds contain several key minerals for plant growth — nitrogen, calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and chromium. Compost with 40% coffee produce less green-house gas and contributes greatly, to some of the best quality compost.  Coffee around your plants help create a barrier that slugs and snails do not like to crawl over. Coffee grounds contain compounds that are toxic to many insects. You can use your coffee grounds to repel mosquitoes, fruit flies, beetles and other pests. Coffee grounds contain nitrogen, which helps eliminate odors. Try placing some roasted beans in your refrigerator or really, anywhere you want to neutralize odors. Place some grounds by your sink for scrubbing your hands, after handling onions or garlic.  Take some roasted coffee beans in a plastic bag with you, when you go shopping, especially for fragrances, perfume, cologne, scented candles or anything scented. and etc.  After sniffing a few fragrances, your ‘nose’ can become overwhelmed and you can hardly sense another scent’s attributes. Open your bag of roasted coffee beans and sniff them for a few seconds. Your ‘nose’ for new scents will come back to you! Do not worry about what others may think about you sniffing coffee beans at the store. I have found many places offer this technique (service with coffee beans), and I always recommend it to the stores I shop at, if they don’t already offer this. It really does work! Try it! There are seemingly endless and countless ways to use coffee!

Coffee for Your Health and Wellness

Do some research and you will find that coffee consumption has many health benefits. My sister makes a fabulous shower scrub with coffee! My wife, Susan, loves it! Not to get personal or anything, but coffee is a diuretic. It helps eliminate salt and well, it helps you go. Coffee is excellent for constipation, it keeps me regular! Some people use coffee as a laxative. Some use coffee for enemas, to clean-out their digestive tracts and rid it of a buildup of toxins and poisons. Many people who do this, report feeling healthier, happier and much more energetic. That being said, personally, I would rather drink and consume my fresh coffee! There are so many things coffee can do, for us and that we can do with coffee.

Coffee for Conversation

In my book, I will have a section on making your own home made ‘Beverages’. I call this section, ‘Sips with Susan’ (my wife). Whether it is during our Happy Together Times (Happy Hour), or our morning coffee, we sit and sip, enjoy one another’s company and converse about little things, no-things of great importance or great things, which truly matter. This is what conversations are for and I truly believe, coffee promotes good conversation. Even if you are a tea drinker, have you ever invited someone or have you ever been invited to, ‘Have a Cup of Coffee’? I’m sure that you have! Even if you are having tea, saying you are having a cup of coffee with someone is a good-feeling, friendly, civil and cultural thing to do!

Coffee as Gifts

Almost everyone loves and craves for, “A Taste of Home,” “Home Made”, “Home Cooking” or just going or being Home! You could help provide these wonderful and good feelings, by giving away as gifts, some of your roasted coffee beans. Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and on and on, a gift of your coffee would be like any other special gift, but it’s made by you and it’s FRESH. What about coffee as a home warming gift? The new house owners may be living out of boxes, for awhile, but I bet they have found their coffee maker and it’s in their kitchen. Imagine them sitting around and sipping your coffee, while they decide where to put all their furniture, where to hang or put this and that. How about your coffee for a baby announcement? Think about the new mom and dad, sitting around and enjoying your fresh roasted beans that they ground and brewed, while they think about names for the baby. A coffee gift of thanks, appreciation, friendship and love? Yes! The possibilities are too numerous, to even try and list! The greatest gift that can ever be given is said to be, the gift you give of yourself! You are and your own fresh roasted beans are synonymous. You and your beans are one! Give the gift of yourself! 🙂

Where to Go from Here?

Coffee, it’s Not Just for Waking Up!


This concludes our series on roasting coffee, ‘Toast the Roast’. Remember this, it is really simple to roast your own coffee! I hope like me, you enjoy learning. I hope you have learned something!

Learning is, an Exciting adventure! 

I hope you are excited! I close with raising my cup to you, to…

‘Toast Your Roast!’ 

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