On: On Our Way Home

by Donnie Hayden

© 2014, all rights reserved

Ok, by the time you read this say 10:00 AM eastern standard time (EST), May 1st, 2014, we have already lived through that and will likely have to again, on our way back home. What we gained from going into the future, I guess we lose coming back into the past. But perhaps if we lived a day ahead of our life expectancy then came back, is it a wash? I guess we will just live as long as we’re gonna’ live. But what will ‘jet lag’ be like at home? Well, we’re on our way to finding out.

But, just in case you ask or are curious, which country did we like better, Japan or Australia? Well, the question is like comparing apples to oranges. We not only visited two counties, (4) kids (OK they are adults), two in Japan and two in Australia, but two new grand babies too. There is no comparison. They are all different and WE LOVE THEM ALL!!! 🙂

Japan - "The Land of the Rising Sun" & Australia - "The Land Down Under"

Japan – “The Land of the Rising Sun” & Australia – “The Land Down Under”











'Land of the Rising Sun' - JAPAN

‘Land of the Rising Sun’ – JAPAN

'The Land Down Under' - AUSTRAILA

‘The Land Down Under’ – AUSTRAILA

Blue Mountains in Japan

Blue Mountains in Japan

Blue Mountains in Australia

Blue Mountains in Australia


On Our Way Home!

On Our Way Home!

Luv Yah!! :) Dahni & Susan

Luv Yah!! 🙂
Donnie & Susan

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