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On: Proof

Guhday mates from Dahni,  Your Aussie Koala Scientific Discovery Discoverer

Guhday mates from Donnie, Your Aussie Koala Scientific Discovery Discoverer


For quite some time, we have been told and have been taught that the world was at some time past, was once, one large land mass in the midst of water, we now call oceans and seas.

Then also, some time ago, the popular catch-phrase – ‘a global village’ was coined to show that the world is really a small place and that we are all connected by some commonality called, “the human race” or simply put, humanity.

Yes, yes, I know that I, as a Koala, am an arboreal (tree hanger-outer) herbivorous (leaf eating)  marsupial (pouch carried) mammal (milk fed), Phascolarctidae (the only extant bear that lived in a pouch), cousin to the wombat, native to Australia, and not a human bean! 🙂

But I have made an all-important discovery!

Despite our many differences in language, culture, the many pigments within our skin, our beliefs, economic status, education, intellect, talents and skills and whether we are female, male or a child, we all have much in common. Principally, each of us desire life, liberty and the pursuit of, “happily ever after,” at least every once in awhile.

Oh sure, there are birds and bugs and plants and animals here and where ever your there is that are no place else on earth, and everything I guess got land-locked whenever the great land divide took place, but there is still proof we were once all connected!

And now, for the first time ever, I, yours truly, here in Australia, at almost the bottom of the world or just plainly, here down under, have undeniable and irrefutable PROOF that we were all once connected!!!!!

Dandelions are all over the world!

Dandelions are all over the world!

Note: And I don’t want to hear anything about this being possible because of bird migration either! 🙂

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