On: Some of my Favorites

by Donnie Hayden © 2014, all rights reserved

Well, where do I begin with “Some of my Favorites” from Japan? Just start!

In just a few short days since I have been here, I wanted to make sure I was able to get some of my favorites and I have! 🙂

On my list was tackoyaki (octopus ball), modanyaki (modern “as you like it”), green tea ice cream, anpan (sweet red bean filled buns) and calpis sour (made with calpis, citrus carbonated soda and shochu (Japanese-like vodka)




…Check and…



Note: In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, the above items have been triple checked with check marks encircled in green!  🙂





Modanyaki is a more modern way to enjoy this common food. Modan or modern is “with noodle.” It’s starts with cabbage and raw egg and pretty much whatever you have leftover, (shrimp, pork, beef etc.) and a sauce formed into a ball and cooked over a hot grill. After it is turned over you add noodle and sauce and cook and turn. When it is done you serve it with a sauce similar to bar-b-q suace and Japanese mayonnaise which is vinegar, oil and more eggs than traditional mayonnaise. OMG this common meal “as you like it,” is incredible!

Susan and Green Tea Ice Cream

Susan and Green Tea Ice Cream

Oh, it might seem a little chilly for ice cream, but when it’s Green Tea ice cream, one just has to make an exception!

It is served in a waffle cone with a spoon and of piece of green tea white chocolate.

I love this stuff!

It is sweet like Susan and some pungent or strong taste of the green tea. This dessert is actually better for you than ice cream.

I have seen Green Tea gelato in the stores and would love to try this.

Surely though, green tea ice cream is a hard act to follow!



Sweetened red bean paste filled inside a typical white bread bun. But there is nothing typical about this! It is not only sweet and delicious, it is actually good for you. One of the most popular animated cartoons in Japan is Onpanmon, a red bean bun character that is a hero. So no wonder I love this, kids love them and I R !! 🙂

And last, but certainly not least is my Calpis Sour. Yes I know, it looks like it sounds like cow + pis. Westerner’s have a problem with this so the same company that makes it makes the same thing under the name of calpico.

Calpis Sour

Calpis Sour

Calpis is a fermented product made with milk and some citrus flavor as a preservative. Fermented yes, but it does not contain alcohol. It does have natural cane sugar and is good for you since it has calcium. It looks and tastes like watery yogurt with a citrus overtone.

A calpis sour contains calpis, citrus carbonated soda and shochu (which is like Japanese vodka). All in all this is a fantastic cocktail with some nice health benefits. Whatever, I love these!!! I have plans to find a way to make these at The Gathering Place when we (you and us) get back home!!! 🙂

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  1. I never knew what calpis was.

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