On: Safely arriving in Japan

I suppose this could have been titled, ‘The Blizzard of 14,’ because this is what happened in the Rochester, NY area and where we live at The Gathering Place.

I booked a room at a motel across the street from the airport. Quite frankly, if I wasn’t on the plane, I’m not sure Susan would have spoken to me again, EVER! 🙂

Took off before the storm and made it to Chicago. Made the international flight to Narita airport near Tokyo Japan

Just for my willingness to help in case of an emergency, my seat was changed, it might as well been first class because that’s what it felt like to me -plenty of room to stretch out, two seats beside me were empty, galley and bathroom right in front.

Japan Airlines (JAL) has fantastic service by the way.

Until I get unpacked, settled in and the laptop up and running to post, I will close with a statement and a picture.

Nihonshu Sake & Rice crackers

Nihonshu Sake & Rice crackers

Japanese food makes me happy! 🙂

OMG, Just here a day and the things I have done and the things I have seen, I just can’t wait to share with you. I will as internet WIFI access and when time allow!!!! 🙂

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One thought on “On: Safely arriving in Japan

  1. Ben

    Glad you made it safely!….I’m sure Susan is more than happy to see you. I look forward to your play-by-play for Japanese culture. Tell Susan I say “hi” and I hope you guys really try to enjoy yourselves over there.

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