On: Deer, Dear

by Donnie Hayden © 2014, all rights reserved

Nara Japan is the location of the world’s largest wood Buddhist Temple. To get there, one must park their vehicle and walk through this large park that are full of very unique and very small deer. The deer are tame and seem to sense that they are protected. Generation after generation of deer are born in this park and are free to roam. Even though they could easily walk out and away from the park, none ever have. You can purchase special biscuits and feed the deer, Dear! 🙂

deer, Dear

deer, Dear

Susan feeding the dear, deer

Susan feeding the dear, deer

Susan is just so happy that she has finally met some dear, deer that are even more vertically challenged than she is! 🙂

Me too!

Me too!

The dear deer mingle about

The dear, deer mingle about

 In the above picture, you just cannot imagine the 100’s if not 1,000’s of dear, deer (not shown) that live here. The Building in front of the crowd is open and it is a gate which leads to the world largest wood Buddhist Temple. But the dear, deer will not cross into the temple area.

Please. please, please Susan, I know you have more!

Please. please, please Susan, I know you have more!

In the above picture, Susan is just about to climb the steps which leads to the gate. Notice the dear, deer, Dear, that has apparently climbed the steps? They will do this, but they will NOT pass through the gate! 

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One thought on “On: Deer, Dear

  1. Linda Anth Vennette

    That is a dear post! Hurry Wed. Shes having fun but it will be complete with you there.

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