On: The Gathering Place Goes Global

In just a few short days, we (Susan and You and I ) are leaving for 65 days. We will be visiting first, Japan for about a month. Then, after about a four hour lay-over in China, we’re off to Australia for about another month. We will be returning home on May 1st, 2014. Not to worry, someone will be staying at your home, your pets will be well cared for, your plants watered, newspapers and mail will be picked up, neighbors will be watching your home and the police will be doing several drive-bys day and night while you are gone. You are covered!! 🙂

I trust by now, your bags are packed, and you have your passports. You will need a Visa for Australia. Are you are ready to take a lot of pictures and do stuff and share stuff to send back to everyone else that are NOT going! 🙂

For our current time here in New York or where you live and for Japan & Australia, ‘Google’ or search:

What time is it in New York
What time is (Where You are)
What time is it in Kyoto, Japan
What time is it in Sydney, Australia
or see: http://i-imagine.biz/News.htm
(clicking on the link above will open a new tab on your browser.
Just close that page when you are finished there or use your back button to return to this page)

Please confirm your attendance, in advance…that would be with an, RSVP. 

There are some transportation issues, but do not be concerned. We hope you like alternative modes of travel? Do not worry, we’ll pick you up. Will a Limousine Be Ok?

Is a white stretch OK?

Is a white stretch OK?

We’ll pick you up at your home and drive you to your nearest airport.

Not enough space? Too bright?

Not enough space, there’s more! Too bright; too loud?
We have sleep masks and noise canceling headphones!

Don’t like flying commercial? Don’t like long lines? Don’t like crowded spaces? We understand, but we can only do, the best that we can do. Once you arrive at the airport, please accept our sincerest apology. We’re sorry, but a private plane is the best that we could come up with.

Sorry about the size!

Sorry about the size!


Plane accommodations. Will these be OK?

Relax, chill, chill-lax, have a drink or two or a few. Not to worry, you don’t have to drive (fly the plane). And there is a full professional medical staff on-board to revive you, just in case you suffer from massive excitement or EXTREME HAPPINESS! 🙂 Take pictures of yourselves having a great time and post them instantly to all your social media sites and just imagine all your friends and family (all those by the way, that decided not to come with us) drooling! 🙂

Watch a movie. Read a book. Have some good conversation. But we also want to apologise for the space. You will not be crowded like on commercial flights! 🙂

Don’t have a thing to wear? Forget something? No problem. You can order whatever you need on the plane and it will be in your room, when we arrive!

Order what you need while snacking!

Order what you need while snacking or dining!

If you get tired from shopping or IF having too much of a good time just wears you out, no problem.


You can fully stretch out and take a nap or…

...just enjoy the flight!

…just enjoy the flight!

So sit back, relax and enjoy yourself while we ‘Gather Together!’ The Gathering Place goes global and we’re off to…

Japan - "The Land of the Rising Sun" & Australia - "The Land Down Under"

Japan – “The Land of the Rising Sun” & Australia – “The Land Down Under”

 And don’t worry, we will get you home! 🙂

We'll get you home, by whatever means necessary.

We’ll get you home, by whatever means necessary.

“You are: the Writer, Artist, Conductor, Captain, Driver, Pilot, Chauffeur,

Travel Guide and Director of your own Dreams!”

—— Dahni

Note: Due to last minute packing and details, this will be the last post until we are on our way. Stay tuned here or our FaceBook page at: 


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